See How Contestants Did in Last Night's Jeopardy Category!

News   See How Contestants Did in Last Night's Jeopardy Category!
Hamilton, the Broadway musical based on the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton, was subject of an entire category on the Dec. 9 episode of the TV game show "Jeopardy!" 

All five clues in the category, titled "Alexander Hamilton: His Life and Times as Portrayed in Our Musical Hamilton," were delivered personally by creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Each of the clues was accompanied by a clip from the show, or a performance of the quoted line by Miranda.

$200: In the show, this rival prophetically warns Hamilton, "Talk less, smile more. Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for. You wanna get ahead? Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead." He was right.

$400 In the show, the Thomas Jefferson character performs "What Did I Miss?" What Jefferson missed was America's postwar development while he was away as minister to this country.

$600: "You cry in your tea which you hurl in the sea when you see me go by. Why so sad? Remember we made an arrangement when you went away. Now you're making me mad," rants this King. $800: "How does the bastard orphan immigrant decorated war vet unite the colonies through more debt?," is asked about Hamilton shortly after he begins to run this cabinet department.

$1000: A highlight of Act I is our staging of this climactic Virginia battle of 1781 in which Hamilton led an attack. It's where the British ultimately surrendered the war.

Answers below the clip:


Answers: $200: Who was Aaron Burr? $400: What was France? $600: Who was King George III? $800: What is the Treasury? $1,000: What was Yorktown?

"Jeopardy!" has dedicated an entire category to a single Broadway show only a handful of times in history, most recently Aladdin in January 2015.

Hamilton officially opened on Broadway Aug. 6, 2015, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

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