Segerstrom Concert Hall's Opening Concerts Don't Get Streamed on Web - And Listeners Complain

Classic Arts News   Segerstrom Concert Hall's Opening Concerts Don't Get Streamed on Web - And Listeners Complain
Music lovers in California and in cyberspace alike were disappointed that the Pacific Symphony's concert inaugurating the new Ren_e and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Orange County on September 15 wasn't streamed live on the website of KUSC-FM — and they let officials at the public radio station hear about their displeasure, reports The Los Angeles Times.

KUSC's online listeners heard a live introduction to the concerts, according to the paper, but then the audio stream switched — without explanation — to recorded music unrelated to the hall's gala opening.

The problem was that orchestra management never arranged Internet streaming rights with the musicians. The issue "fell through the cracks," the Times quotes Pacific Symphony president John Forsyte as saying. With all the activity surrounding the move into the new venue, his staff wase too busy to initiate talks with the musicians' union to update an existing labor contract that doesn't cover Internet streaming.

The orchestra did raise the issue of Internet streaming rights during a meeting with musicians in June, but due to time constraints the issue was never properly addressed. Such an agreement will now be drawn up.

For their part, KUSC's general manager, Eric DeWeese, reportedly did ask for permission to stream the concert, but was told that an agreement regarding streaming was not ready, according to the paper. (The Times does not report why no explanation was provided to online listeners on KUSC's website about the lack of an audio stream for the announced concert.)

The radio listeners who complained will eventually be able to hear the concert, as NPR (of which KUSC is a member station) will rebroadcast the two gala concerts on October 1 and 8 on its program SymphonyCast.

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