Sex, Commitment and Loaded Questions, From Both Sides

PlayBlog   Sex, Commitment and Loaded Questions, From Both Sides
Loaded, a first play by Elliot Ramon Potts, at the Lion Theatre through Jan. 23, 2010, is a long night's journey into day that taps into the contemporary gay culture and explores the age chasm that often divides homosexuals.

In this two-hander, the middle-aged Patrick (Kevin Spirtas) and the younger Jude (Scott Kerns) are trying to convince themselves that their casual-sex relationship could be more.

"I think that this play is more than just about being straight or being gay, Kerns contended. "It's a very human play — two people having really intense feelings about each other, coming from places of pain and suffering and how they bond over that."

He adds, "What's interesting about this is that the play is split half-and-half. I'm straight. Michael Unger, the director, is straight. And then Kevin, my co-star, and the playwright, Elliot, are both gay — so we kinda came at it from two different perspectives, and I think that really helped the whole process. It helped all of us. It’s was a real journey of discovery, and a lot of really honest questions were asked."

Spirtas was Hugh Jackman's totally untapped understudy for The Boy From Oz. Currently, he's one of the producers of Finian’s Rainbow. Daytime soap-opera fans will recognize him as Dr. Craig Wesley from "Days of Our Lives."

— Harry Haun

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