Shaftesbury Theatre Working To Bring Back Umoja

News   Shaftesbury Theatre Working To Bring Back Umoja

The Shaftesbury Theatre is working hard to meet Camden Council's noise level targets and thus, after considerable expenditure on extra sound-proofing (in addition to that already spent prior to the show's opening) to be able to bring South African song and dance spectacular Umoja back to the theatre.

Chief Executive Richard Porter says "We don't want to pre-empt any decision by Camden Council, with whom the Shaftesbury has had a lot of constructive dialogue over the last few weeks, but my hope is that if the various tests show that we have successfully resolved the problem of noise levels in neighbouring flats, then we will be able to welcome Umoja back".

Such a return woukld be very welcome: the Shaftesbury has received considerable support from SOLT over its recent problems, and if the issue were resolved then the theatre, Camden Council, the neighboring residents, the show's producers and the public will all be happy. Though this might be one occasion when a relatively quiet celebration is called for...

—by Paul Webb Theatrenow

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