Singers on Sondheim: Day 3, Patinkin and Cerveris

Inside Track   Singers on Sondheim: Day 3, Patinkin and Cerveris
This week, as Stephen Sondheim (and the world) celebrates his 80th birthday, I wanted to share some thoughts on one of America's most influential songwriters from the performers who bring his music to life.

Mandy Patinkin, starred in the original Sunday in the Park with George, alongside Bernadette Peters. It would be a pairing that would help Sunday become one of Sondheim's landmark shows. The two recently re-teamed for the classic Sunday tune "Move On" at Sondheim's 80th birthday gala at Lincoln Center.

"He writes my life. I don't know what my life would have been like without him."


Michael Cerveris has had his hand on Broadway in two Sondheim shows: the Broadway production of Assassins and the most recent revival of Sweeney Todd, and also appeared as Giorgio in the 10th-anniversary concert performance of Passion at the Ambassador.

"The first professional Sondheim experience I had was Passion and even in the world of Sondheim, that's one of the more densely packed and difficult [shows]. So I was in at the deep end. I worked harder than I'd ever worked to unlock a piece a music.

"As much as we think we understand now, I think future generations will have more perspective than we who actually have the pleasure of knowing the man and working with the man. I think the people who hung out with Mozart didn't entirely know what they were dealing with."

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