Site-Specific Broken Moments: A Bar Musical Opens Feb. 14 at New York City's Tammany Hall

News   Site-Specific Broken Moments: A Bar Musical Opens Feb. 14 at New York City's Tammany Hall
Broken Moments: A Bar Musical, performed in a bar setting that surrounds the audience with music and action, opens Feb. 14 at Tammany Hall in New York.

Benjamin Horen
Benjamin Horen Photo by Cameron Whitman / Used with permission

Written and directed by Leo Rodriguez with arrangements by Ben P. Harrell, the Equity Approved Showcase plays through March 1. Show time is 8:30 PM on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The cast includes Emily Battles as Chelsea, Benjamin Horen as Adam, Karen Schleifer as Nicole, Jasmine Spiess as Josie, Leo Rodriguez as Leo, Mike Longo as Carlos, Jeffrey Aiken as Doug, Noah Fleischaker as Robert, Elizabeth Pryce Davies as Christa, Sean Griffin as Luke, John Matson as Richard, Nathan Riehl as Edward and Katherine Sulenski as Sissy. Cast member Horen is also the show's music director. 

Broken Moments, according to press notes, "is the name of a dive bar owned by the recently deceased James Monroh. On this night the regulars (each arch-typed bar characters) are gathering to pay their respects the best way they know how. During this wake/reading of the will - we find out some of their underlying drama. We also experience three brothers celebrating the youngest's 21st birthday and we catch the end of a drunken bachelorette party. All three groups intertwine their dialogue, action and music to create an experience never to be forgotten."

Other members of the creative team include producer Becky Randazzo and associate producers Dave Delzio and Lisa Taibi.

Tammany Hall is located at 152 Orchard Street. For more information and tickets, call (212) 228-7556 or visit

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