Snow Business: Slava's Snowshow Bows Off-Broadway Aug. 24

News   Snow Business: Slava's Snowshow Bows Off-Broadway Aug. 24
Slava's Snowshow, a Russian clown-act featuring Slava Polunin, which has played London, Denver and Toronto—and was scheduled to run at Broadway's Belasco in 1998—will reach Off-Broadway Aug. 24.
Slava Polunin in Slava's Snowshow
Slava Polunin in Slava's Snowshow

Opening is Sept. 8 at the Union Square Theatre.

Producers David J. Foster and Ross Mollison of Foster Mollison Entertainment had previously announced the attraction for Broadway. Slava was announced to slide into New York six years ago. The Dodgers-backed production was to move into the Belasco Theatre on Oct. 13, 1998, for a run through Dec. 27, but the show was indefinitely postponed.

Among Polunin's many visual feats is one in which he boards a train and then becomes the train, with smoke billowing out of his top hat. In another, he gets stuck in a web of unspun cotton and clambers over the seats in the auditorium, taking the web with him, until it envelopes much of the audience. In the show's most talked-about scene, he tears a letter into pieces, the bits turn into snow flakes, the flakes become a blizzard and gradually the entire auditorium becomes a raging, whirling, blinding storm that engulfs the audience knee-deep in snow.

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