Sony Releases Jerry Springer Complete Recording

News   Sony Releases Jerry Springer Complete Recording
Sony Music Entertainment (UK) has released a recording of Richard Thomas’s and Stewart Lee’s Jerry Springer: The Opera to coincide with the show’s West End opening. The two-CD set is taken from a live recording taped during its initial run at London’s National Theatre. And, although details are still murky, Playbill On-Line has learned of plans for a studio recording to follow some time next year, to feature known artistes (further details as we get them).

  This set is complete, featuring all dialogue, music and (inevitably) audience reactions, such as laughter, cheering and yells of “Jerry, Jerry”! This is, however, one recording that you might not want to play to your grandmother, since it features tracks with such evocative titles as "Chick With a Dick," "Mama Give Me Smack on the Arsehole" and "Every Last Mother Fucker Must Go Down." Unsurprisingly, the set carries a Parental Guidance label, warning of “explicit lyrics”.

The cast is the same as that now playing at the Cambridge Theatre. Principal players include Michael Brandon as Jerry, David Bedella as Satan, Benjamin Lake, Lore Lixenberg, Valda Aviks, Wills Morgan, Sally Bourne, Alison Jiear and Marcus Cunningham. The eight-strong band is conducted by Martin Lowe.

Track listing:

 CD One:-
"Audience Very Plainsong"
"Have Yourselves a Good Time"
"Bigger Than Oprah Winfrey"
"Foursome Guest"
"I Been Seein Someone Else"
"Chick With a Dick"
"Talk to the Hand"
"Adverts 1"
"Intro to the Diaper Man"
"Diaper Man  "
"Montel Cums Dirty"
"This Is My Jerry Springer Moment"
"Mama Give Me Smack on the Arsehole"
"I Want to Sing Something Beautiful"
"Adverts 2"
"The First Time I Saw Jerry"
"Backstage Scene"
"I Just Wanna Dance"
"It Has No Shame"
"Some Are Descended From Angels"

CD Two:
"Gloomy Nurses"
"Purgatory Dawning"
"Eat Excrete"
"The Haunting"
"Him Am the Devil"
"Every Last Mother Fucker Must Go Down"
"Grilled and Roasted"
"Transition Music"
"Once in Happy Realms of Light"
"Fuck You Talk"
"Satan Spate"
"Adam and Eve and Mary"
"Where Were You? "
"Behold God"
"It Ain’t Easy Being Me Part 1"
"It Ain’t Easy Being Me Part 2"
"Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
"The Big Cheesy Jerry Springer Moment"
"Jerry It Is Finished"
"Jerry Eleison"
"Please Don’t Die"
"Take Care"
"Finale De Grand Fromage"

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