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FOR THE RECORD, Part 2 -- August 1996

FOR THE RECORD, Part 2 -- August 1996

If Alix Korey had lived during the 30's and 40's, she would have surely given Ethel Merman a run for her money. Korey possesses one of the strongest voices in the business: Not only does she have a great set of pipes, but she also knows how to use them to thrilling effect.

On her first album, Songs You Might Have Missed, Korey impressed us with her vocal power, but on Gifts of Love, she shows us the range of her interpretative skills, giving moving renditions of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Something Wonderful" and a medley of Jerry Herman tunes.

Korey also brings to life some unfamiliar works, including a heartbreaking "Bring Back My Dreamer" by Jeffrey D. Harris; plus a song she co-wrote with David Friedman, "You're There," a stirring ode to a lost love. The title track, "Gifts of Love," is delivered with a beautiful range of vocal color and is also a most appropriate title for this recording (Audible Difference, Inc. 275 West 96th St., #30A, NYC 10025).

-- By Andrew Gans

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