STAGE VIEWS: Broadway's Christianne Tisdale, Star of the New Web Series, "Wallflowers"

Special Features   STAGE VIEWS: Broadway's Christianne Tisdale, Star of the New Web Series, "Wallflowers"'s series features actors commenting on their recent theatregoing experiences, what productions they're looking forward to and more. Here, via email, we hear from Broadway singing actress Christianne Tisdale, who can currently be seen in the new web series "Wallflowers."

Christiane Tisdale
Christiane Tisdale

What show recently impressed you?
Once. I saw it right after it opened and then again a month ago. I am a die-hard, live-soft romantic, and that beautiful piece, developed in such a creative, straightforward and unsentimental manner, got me…bone and sinew.

What production are you most excited to see?
Hands on a Hardbody. I went to college with Doug Wright (utmost respect) and have tons of friends in it. I dug the doc, and I dig the idea of the musical. I can't wait to see it.

What play/musical would you most like to revive on Broadway, and which role would you want to play?
Triumph of Love — hands down. I don't think it got a fair shake in its first Broadway incarnation. I stood by for the two younger women, but would love to take on Hesione, the aging, philosophical, closeted romantic.

What are your current/upcoming projects?
I’m currently developing a play that I've jokingly acronymed T.O.M.B…about how I (and so many like me) have gotten to this age and find ourselves surprisingly single. It's about choices...made, unmade and never made.

The project I'm most in love with right now is "Wallflowers"…a web series fathered by the ridiculously creative Kieran Turner (2012 doc film festival hit  "Jobriath A.D."). Set in the cruelly comedic dating world of modern NYC (and let me tell you…I know), "Wallflowers" details the disastrous romantic exploits of a tight-knit group of Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and the agony of single life — as members of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single. I'm former flower child, support group leader Janice, and the series stars/features the likes of Chad Kimball, Sarah Saltzberg, Gibson Frazier, Gideon Glick, Angela Lin, Susan Louise O'Connor, Marcia DeBonis and Lucas Near Verbrugghe…amazing one and all. We debuted on April 3 and have gotten great feedback. Go on over to or and take a look yourself. You’ll be happy you did. I'll be happy you did. Read more about Christianne Tisdale in the Playbill Vault.

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