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The show ran only three performances, but it may have made Melissa Errico's career.

The show ran only three performances, but it may have made Melissa Errico's career.

Errico earned celestial personal reviews playing the title goddess in a concert performance of the Kurt Weill/Ogden Nash musical One Touch of Venus, part of the "Encores!" series at New York's City Center March 29-30.

For the actress who was previously known primarily for playing Eliza Doolittle in the Richard Chamberlain revival of My Fair Lady, even her one mixed review ended up embracing her. Here's a sampling:

"Oh why not just go on and say it? As the love goddess who fell to earth in the charming concert version of 'One Touch of Venus' . . . Melissa Errico is, in a word, divine. An improbable combination of Olympian poise and a caressing zephyrlike lightness . . ." -- Ben Brantley, New York Times

"Kurt Weill's 'One Touch of Venus' would have been worth reviving if only for Melissa Errico's marvelous performance as the Greek statue who comes to life in 1943 America. This Venus sings such songs as 'Speak Low,' 'I'm a Stranger Her Myself' and 'That's Him' -- and Errico sings them incandescently." -- Howard Kissell, Daily News "Melissa Errico has been blessed with every attribute a grand dame of the Broadway musical requires -- star power, voice, looks, ability, personality, technique. . . .The casting of these Walter Bobbie-organized 'Encores' is almost always impeccable, and the aphrodisiac, as it were, Venus of Errico was ably supported . . ." -- Clive Barnes, New York Post

"'One Touch of Venus'. . . could be a starmaker. Errico first shows her stuff -- a commanding presence, droll comic delivery and stunning, bell-clear voice, with the song 'I'm a Stranger Here Myself.' -- Aileen Jacobson, Newsday

Under the headline "Our Fair Lady": "Melissa Errico is on the verge of becoming an over-the-title star. An adequate actress, with a particular talent for saucy elegance, she's a superbly gifted singer." -- Ross Wetzsteon, The Village Voice

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