Sting to Release Album of Lute Music

Classic Arts News   Sting to Release Album of Lute Music
The pop musician Sting will release an album of songs by 16th-century English composer John Dowland in October, according to his web site. Sting will play the lute on the album.

Deutsche Grammophon, a storied classical label and a corporate sibling of Sting's longtime label A&M Records, will issue the album.

Sting received a lute two years ago as a gift from guitarist Dominic Miller, he said. "I sort of became fascinated with it and immersed myself in the lute and lute music. It reminded me of an interest I've had for a long time—for almost 25 years—in the works of John Dowland."

Dowland, he added, "was really the first singer/songwriter that we know of and so a lot of us owe our living to this man."

A bassist, guitarist, and singer, Sting first came to prominence in the late 1970s as a member of the punk rock-reggae group The Police. His long solo career has included experiments with jazz.

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