Stradivarius Violin Stolen From Vienna Apartment

Classic Arts News   Stradivarius Violin Stolen From Vienna Apartment
A 1680 Stradivarius violin worth about €2.5 million was stolen over the weekend from an apartment in central Vienna.

Also missing were a Vuillaume violin valued at about €120,000, three bows worth €12,000 in total, and some jewelry and electronics, according to reports from Agence France-Presse and RIA-Novosti.

The thief or thieves evidently knew what they were after and what was necessary to get it: he or they brought a blowtorch and used it to break into the wall safe where the instruments were kept.

The victim, a 49-year-old Austrian violinist who was not further identified, discovered the theft upon returning home on Sunday night (May 27) from a chamber music performance in Germany, according to the Associated Press.

The Austrian police and Interpol have issued warrants for the arrest of the thief or thieves, but authorities have said that there were no witnesses, according to AFP, and so far there seem to be no further clues.

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