Student-Written Ten-Minute Plays Will Echo at University of Arkansas March 16-18; Heifner Is Guest Mentor

News   Student-Written Ten-Minute Plays Will Echo at University of Arkansas March 16-18; Heifner Is Guest Mentor
Student playwrights at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock will find a place in the spotlight March 16-18 when the department of theatre arts and dance presents the second annual Fringe Festival, a playwriting competition open to the UALR student body.

Out of the 23 ten-minute play submissions received, six titles were chosen for production at the Haislip Theatre, and two honorable mentions were identified. Guest playwright Jack Heifner (Vanities, Vanities: The Musical, Leader of the Pack) is mentoring the students. Last year's festival featured guest playwright Sheila Callaghan (That Pretty Pretty; or The Rape Play, Tumor).

Yslan Hicks, an associate professor in the department of theatre arts and dance, serves as the 2010 Fringe Festival coordinator.

"One of the things that is so great about this festival is that it is student-written, student-directed, student-acted, and in the area of lighting, student-designed," Hicks told

The students involved in each play will acquire costumes, scenery and props, and student directors may approach faculty directors regarding special needs. Each show is limited to five lighting cues.

This year's Fringe Festival selected plays are: Poupee de la Mort by Jonathan Eller
Directed by Jeff Wright
Featuring Alex Trentham, T.J. Medel and Beth Warren

"Nazis use blow-up dolls to disguise weapons. One American G.I. falls in love with such a doll to the intense curiosity of his superior."

The View by Suzi Garcia
Directed by Ashley Middleton
Featuring Melissa Carrion and Kenneth Ashlin
"Two newly married college professors struggle over an important marital issue, stripping away the illusions they have about one another and themselves."

The Hoax by Sophie King
Directed by Jeff Wright
Featuring Mikita Thompson, Rodney Holston and Sommer Hayes

"Several employees of a photo shop create a half-baked Bigfoot hoax in hope of profit."

Silent, She Cries by Brianna Wesley
Directed by Justin Walker
Featuring Cecily Mathis, Kazzie Cazort and J.D. Jackson

"A mixed-race woman is confronted with bias against her by a close friend. A stranger offers another point of view."

An Artist's Rendering by Tyler Whiteside
Directed by Crystal Mercer
Featuring T.J. Medel, Ross Jackson and Elizabeth Hobson Bennett

"An absurdist view of the struggles to make pure art."

Dogs by Jeff Wright
Directed by Erin Anson, featuring Carrie Henry and Ross Jackson
"Do dogs take people in the night? A woman watches both her husband and baby disappear. Who took them?"

Honorable mentions are Blame by Robert Bruno, and Suzy and Fred Contained by Jaala Holmes.

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