Students to Mark Bach's Birthday With Long Walk

Classic Arts News   Students to Mark Bach's Birthday With Long Walk
A group of music students will celebrate Bach's birthday on March 21 by walking 20 miles from New Brunswick, New Jersey, to a New York Philharmonic concert in Manhattan.

The three-day stroll was inspired by a journey that Bach made in his youth. While serving as a church musician in the town of Arnstadt, the composer heard that Danish organist and composer Dietrich Buxtehude would be performing in L‹beck, 250 miles away. With no way to travel, he decided to walk, and completed the trip in ten days.

The students are members of a music history class at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They and their teacher, Hilde Binford, will set off from New Brunswick, where the Moravian founders of Bethlehem landed in North America, on March 20. They will walk to Perth Amboy, where they will board a ship for Staten Island. After spending a day on the island, they will take the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan and walk to midtown Manhattan.

On March 22, the students will attend the New York Philharmonic's reading of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream accompanied by Mendelssohn's incidental music.

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