Sundance Institute Announces 2009 Time Warner Storytelling Fellows

News   Sundance Institute Announces 2009 Time Warner Storytelling Fellows
Playwrights Matthew Paul Olmos and Quincy Long are among the 2009 Sundance Institute Time Warner Storytelling Fellows.

In addition to the aforementioned playwrights, Sundance has also selected filmmakers Ritesh Batra and Elgin James for the 2009 Storytelling Fellows. Recipients benefit from financial grants, as well as year-round guidance, residency support, mentoring and presentation of their emerging works.

"On year three of Time Warner's commitment to storytelling artists, the Sundance Theatre Program is proud to announce that Matthew Paul Olmos and Quincy Long will receive direct artist grant support," said Sundance Institute Theatre Program artistic director Philip Himberg in a statement. "Both playwrights have created unique new scripts that define the Sundance independent spirit."

Playwright Olmos was selected for his work I Put the Fear of Mexico in 'Em, which is described as such: "An American couple visiting Mexico stumble off the beaten path, and are accosted by a Mexican couple in an alley. What ensues is a complex encounter that challenges notions of boundary, safety, identity and what you would do for your family."

Olmos has penned the plays The Vampire Lesson, the beautifulest room, seal sings its song, Wonders of the Human Body, locomotive, Wild Follows the Queen, the bus that got cut over its eye and Vivia’s Lament.

Long is honored for his play The Huntsman, which concerns a "boy [who] has dark dreams. They lead him into trouble – all the trouble there is – and into song." Long's plays also include People Be Heard, The Only Child, Wedding Pictures, The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite, The Lively Lad, The Virgin Molly, the upcoming musical Loulou and the opera Buried Alive.

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