Sunset Boulevard's Florence Lacey Talks Evita

PlayBlog   Sunset Boulevard's Florence Lacey Talks Evita
Broadway favorite Florence Lacey, who begins previews tonight in the Signature Theatre's production of Sunset Boulevard, recently spoke to about her work in another Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Evita.

Lacey, who was the final actress to play the title role on Broadway and toured the country and the world to much acclaim in the part, said she remembers a great piece of advice that director Hal Prince once gave her. "It's so interesting, because I did a seminar here [at the Signature] just a couple of days ago, and it was so thrilling to be talking about that again, about how fun it was to investigate that character, to learn who she was in history and to study it. And, I remember Hal giving me the most wonderful note. He said to me, 'Flo, I want you to find all the love in Evita. We know she's powerful, we know she's hard, we know she's got all these negative things about her. Let's investigate everything she loves.' And I took that note for two years on the road, and I just was always investigating. What is it she loves? Peron, of course. She loves herself. She loves her descamisados. She seeks the love of everyone. … That was great fun working on just the acting of that role."

Lacey adds, "It was a great show, and I have so many happy memories, because I got to see the world, playing that role. It was a wonderful way for a girl from McKeesport, Pennsylvania, to see the world in such a glamorous way, in such an exciting way."

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-- Andrew Gans

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