Sydney Lucas Is An Expert Pick-Pocket! Corey Cott Has What?! Broadway Stars Share Their Special Skills

News   Sydney Lucas Is An Expert Pick-Pocket! Corey Cott Has What?! Broadway Stars Share Their Special Skills
The editors of have combed through the past two years of our popular Cue & A feature to select some of our favorite answers to the question, "What are your special skills?" Over 50 responses from Broadway actors follow.

Sydney Lucas
Sydney Lucas Photo by King Photography

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Lisa Howard
I can whistle.

Sydney Lucas
I have some weird special skills like being able to lick my elbow or bend my legs and arms in ways that freak people out (I love their reactions!). I'm also a tough competitor when it comes to staring contests, and I'm skilled at remembering the unique handshakes that I have made up with the cast, crew and friends! With my cast, I'm also working on pick-pocketing and put-pocketing (and getting pretty good at it). But don't worry, I always give myself up; it's all for the laugh and, besides, I'm so honest that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I caused someone harm.

Beth Malone
Springy body, rubber face.

Tommy Tune
I can cook!

Micah Stock
Ear-snapping, a skill I picked up from my friend Jason Ralph.

James Monroe Iglehart
James Monroe Iglehart Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

James Monroe Iglehart
I can freestyle rap. I am a member of the freestyle hip hop improv group Freestyle Love Supreme!

Annoying Actor Friend
Passive aggressive bragging, screlting, favoriting but not retweeting, asking unemployed friends what they are working on, being physically fit at all times — even during the holidays, and juggling. 

Gavin Creel

Corey Cott
I have a powerful spidey-sense for when tourists are about to fall on the subway.

Julia Stiles
I’m pretty good at "name that tune."

Matthew Hydzik
Matthew Hydzik

Christina Bianco
I can move my eyebrows independently, on cue.

Nick Cordero
Grilled cheese.

Alysha Umphress
Tongue pops. Crocheter of Puss Hats. Decent extension (mostly on the left leg).

Matthew Hydzik
I play harmonica, guitar, love to draw and paint when I can.

Telly Leung
I speak Cantonese and I play the piano.

Jason Danieley
Jason Danieley

Jim Parrack
I'm the best actor-slash-rapper (not the other way around) in America.

Ben Davis
I can throw down mean versions of "Ice, Ice Baby" and "The Humpty Dance."

Jason Danieley
I can tell a good dirty joke and an even better tasteless dirty joke. I'm a long-distance runner, which isn't very helpful on stage.

Karen Pittman
Unlike my character in Disgraced, I'm an excellent cook (and always give my kids homemade hot chocolate. NEVER macaroni and cheese from a box.)

Conrad Ricamora
Velociraptor impersonation.

Ashley Park
Ashley Park

Ashley Park
I can recite over a hundred digits of pi (3.1415926...). I memorized them for a high school-wide competition because the prize was a free pizza. I think I came in second place. But I still won that pizza. So that was a pretty awesome day. Moral of story: I'll do anything for pizza. And I may be a huge nerd.

Andy Kelso
Guitar, Bass, Basic Audio Recording, Photography… I also recently learned how to make soy candles if that counts!

Kara Lindsay
I can burp really loud?

Tam Mutu
Smelling good.

Terence Archie
Can sing like Louis Armstrong and Aaron Neville. Can mimic the voice of Martin Luther King.

Margo Seibert
Margo Seibert

Fran Kranz
I have a great sense of direction. I've saved myself and others from being lost in the wilderness.

Dan DeLuca
Impressions, Puppetry, Sketching, Digital Editing (movies, pictures)

Margo Seibert
Talking too much in an audition room.

Laura Donnelly
I’ve still got a few moves from my days as a gymnast.

Ciara Renée
My favorite special skill on my resume is "excellent monkey noises." I'm thinking of adding some impressions I've been working on soon!

Jessica Keenan Wynn
Jessica Keenan Wynn Photo by Chad Batka

John R. Waters
I can speak French and play soccer at international level. Ok. I made up the bit about the soccer.

Jessie Fisher
I play the saw. I'm a rock climber. I'm really good at cooking bacon.

Douglas Sills
I can make a funny Cloverleaf shape with my tongue, I can read children's minds, and I can do the iron cross on a set of gymnastic rings. And I can name every African country with its capital and draw them on a map from scratch.

Jessica Keenan Wynn
Britney Spears impression.

Emerson Steele
Hula-hooping!!! I almost hula-hooped for 45 minutes straight about a month ago, but I got hungry and decided to stop and eat. Also, I can do some crazy tongue tricks… (Touch my tongue to my nose, and make a four leaf clover with it.) I know. Super weird, right?!

Kyle Taylor Parker
Kyle Taylor Parker

Scott J. Campbell
Dry wit; sarcasm; awkward jokes that tank.

James Snyder
I play a bunch of instruments.

Kyle Scatliffe
Zombie and Chewbacca impressions. I'm also really good at "Rock Band." I always play on Expert. Always.

Kyle Taylor Parker
I speak French fluently.

Jon Jon Briones
I whistle really well.

Frankie J. Grande
Frankie J. Grande

Frankie J. Grande
Impersonations, gymnastics, French, accents.

Jillian Mueller
Skiing, swimming, I learned aerial flying doing American Idiot, moon walking, karate.

Carrie St. Louis
I can beatbox, surprisingly!

Scott Shepherd
Slouching, avoiding intimacy, computer programming, foreign languages. And there's a hat-flipping trick I can do where it goes over the wrist in a surprising way and then presto! it's back in the hand again. I learned it with a frisbee. Mostly I do it with frisbees.

Ben Thompson
Guitar and sign language (not at the same time... that’s impossible).

Liana Hunt
Liana Hunt

Sarah Greene
I can sing and play the guitar, and I'm a really good listener.

Jerry Dixon
Pogo. Ice-skating. Cooking from whatever is in your refrigerator.

Liana Hunt
Eh, I sort of snowboard, I bake, and I can freestyle rap battle.

Amber Petty
I can twirl a baton, am a dialect coach and I fall down really well. Seriously. I have a true gift for falling to the ground.

Lauren Worsham
I can stick my tongue in my nose.

Gayle Rankin
Well… the accordion, now.

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