TDF Launches Dynamic Online Forum Aimed at Young Theatregoers and Students

News   TDF Launches Dynamic Online Forum Aimed at Young Theatregoers and Students
The Theatre Development Fund has announced the launch of its new site, PXP, a forum where students and young theatregoers aged 16-26 are encouraged to comment and become a part of a dynamic online community. is a smartphone-friendly, student-run online forum exploring the complete theatre experience, from the pre-show to the post-show, and from artist to audience. The PXP team will be made up of college and high school age writers who will reflect on their experience at the theatre.

Other features of the site will include "Prompts," where the PXP audience can respond to questions centered on specific shows; "People," where young writers will profile and photograph theatregoers; and "Posts," where emerging artists will speak of their experience in creating theatre. Information for first-time theatregoers and theatregoers on a budget, as well as opportunities to get involved in the theatre scene with programs and internships are among the other services provided.

“PXP is part of TDF’s larger vision to engage audiences after their initial attendance at live theatre in NYC,” said TDF’s Director of Education, Daniel Renner, in a statement. “By creating this online community of thousands of young people who participate in TDF’s education programs, our goal is to extend the impact of their first theatre going experiences allowing them to find their own deeply personal connection to the work, hopefully creating a thirst for future participation.”

According to TDF, the launch of the site came from a desire to increase an interest in theatre amongst younger audiences. "Future audiences are built by engaging students first-hand in the vital and exciting activity of the creative process as well as by providing opportunities to attend live performances of great art. TDF enacts this philosophy through its various arts education programs that annually bring over 10,000 students to the theatre and is continually seeking to find ways to continue the dialogue with these novice theatregoers."

TDF is a not-for-profit service organization for the performing arts; their education programs serve over 10,000 students and community group members through­out New York City and the tri-state area each year. PXP will also serve as a teaching tool for educators in involved in TDF's education programs. For more information, visit

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