15 Reasons Why Carol Channing "Blew Up" Twitter

Broadway News   15 Reasons Why Carol Channing "Blew Up" Twitter
The Tony winner showed fans she had a real flair for social media when she took over Playbill's official account.

Playbill's new "Twitter Takeover" series continued Nov. 7 with the famed actress.

Fans were encouraged to follow @playbill on Twitter to get the scoop from the theatrical legend — including pictures and a Q&A session with fans.

Channing, the recipient of a Special Tony in 1968 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995, is known for originating the roles of Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly! (Tony Award) and Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She is a Tony nominee for her performances in The Vamp, Show Girl and Lorelei.

1. She embraced Twitter with grace and patience

2. She viewed her Twitter Takeover as a "wonderful" achievement


3. She reminisced about Hello, Dolly!



4. She gave life advice.

5. She scored a date!

6. She gave her best selfie… and then called it a #Sophie!


7. She blew up the Twitterverse!

8. #raspberries



9. She gave sass.

10. She believes everyone should play Dolly.

11. She multitasked.

12. She referred to Ethel Merman as #TheMerm.



13. She tweeted out pics with Tyne Daly.

14. She thanked Twitter and her fans.


15. She totally may come back for more!

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