The Daily Distraction: A Jellicle PSA From Broadway's Cats

Video   The Daily Distraction: A Jellicle PSA From Broadway's Cats
Mr. Mistoffelees, Old Deuteronomy, and the gang want you to remain healthy.

These are frightening times, and we all must take necessary precautions as we social distance and self-isolate. That being said, you deserve a break every now and then. Welcome to Playbill's Daily Distraction.

Day 3: Practical Cats, Didactical Cats...

The major motion picture Cats is now available on demand, much to the delight of many trapped in self-quarantine (with or without the use of recreational substances). But the Razzie-winning masterpiece is merely the Jellicle tip of the Jellicle iceberg. A YouTube spiral will lead to some gems, from Féline Dion to superhuman feats of breath support.

But today, we're focusing a public service announcement from the 1986 cast of the Broadway musical. Take a look above as your favorite Jellicles warn you about the dangers of smoking in the same vein of the eerie "The Naming of Cats." And yes, the cat-to-object size ratio is just as perplexing here as it is on screen.

Tired: Cats in an oversized tire (or chandelier). Wired: Cats in an oversized crystal ashtray.

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