The Daily Distraction: Sutton Foster Belts Out Her 'Most Requested Song'

Video   The Daily Distraction: Sutton Foster Belts Out Her 'Most Requested Song'
Celebrate a Rodgers and Hammerstein anniversary with the Tony winner's surprising audition choice.

These are frightening times, and we all must take necessary precautions as we social distance and self-isolate. That being said, you deserve a break every now and then. Welcome to Playbill's Daily Distraction.

Day 15: Booked, Blessed, and Belonged to the Land

We've seen Sutton Foster on TLC's A Makeover Story; we therefore know it wasn't her thoroughly modern fashion sense that made her a Broadway icon. No, it was her unparalleled voice and star quality—and perhaps a chic/unique/quite adorable audition book.

Back when the two-time Tony winner wasn't offer-only, Foster had an unusual approach to casting calls. When asked to sing an up-tempo, she'd hand them the sheet music for the title song in Oklahoma! and "Ay yippy yi ki yea" for the gods. It meets the criteria, sure, but your typical belty anthem it's not.

The choice was an effective one at least, as casting directors would notice her and call her back—with the request that she sing a different song.

Nevertheless, Foster preserved her rendition on her album Wish, and occasionally brings it out at shows, calling it her "most requested song."

If you're in need of a chest voice pick-me-up and in the mood to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, check out the clip above.

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