The Goddess, About Open Marriage, Begins Off-Broadway Run Oct. 10

News   The Goddess, About Open Marriage, Begins Off-Broadway Run Oct. 10
Justine Lambert and Kenneth Nowell's The Goddess, billed as a "modern-day fairy tale about an open marriage," makes its world premiere Oct. 10 at the Write Act Rep Theatre in Manhattan.

Sarah Nedwek
Sarah Nedwek

Directed by Alice Jankell, this new comedy will officially open Oct. 13 for a limited engagement through Nov. 3. Looking Glass Theatre produces.

The cast features Tricia Alexandro, Richard Busser, Michael Kingsbaker, Claudia Mason and Sarah Nedwek.

In The Goddess, press notes state, a "contemporary New York couple pushes the boundaries of their marriage by agreeing to openly pursue multiple partners. Will their respect for each other’s freedoms promote greater intimacy? Or will their exploration open up a Pandora’s box of unanticipated challenges? Into this world a woman of mysterious origin inserts herself to prescribe a therapy suited for modern times."

In a recent statement co-creator Lambert, who is married to Nowell, said, “The unspoken reality that couples crave multiple sex partners, and can even benefit from cultivating multiple relationships seems to be in direct conflict with the ideal of marriage as a relationship founded on monogamy. The common view of marriage as a traditional institution does not allow for this. Our play explores the topic and how fidelity isn’t necessarily compromised by sexual openness.”

Director Jankell added, “Throughout time we’ve asked ourselves about the battle between human order — civilization — and nature. Greek mythology tells us it is a battle that may never be won. Freudian analysis tells us that controlling our instincts causes anxiety, which in turn can lead to neurosis. Right now, we see the battle’s collateral damage in the crisis of our ecology, and climate change. Suddenly we are asking ourselves with a new urgency, who is winning, man or nature?” Performances are Thursday-Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 3 PM.

Write Act Rep Theatre is located at 309 East 26th Street. Tickets, which are $18, can be purchased by calling (866) 811-4111 or by visiting

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