The Junket, Presented by Culture Project, Opens at Lynn Redgrave Theater March 16

News   The Junket, Presented by Culture Project, Opens at Lynn Redgrave Theater March 16
Culture Project's production of The Junket, a work of theatre that examines contemporary American society, officially opens March 16 following previews that began March 14.

The Junket runs in repertory with Dan Hoyle's The Real Americans through April 20 at the Lynn Redgrave Theater. Americans will officially open March 18.

"Mike Albo and Dan Hoyle are expert dramatists with compelling and uniquely American stories to tell," artistic director Allan Buchman said in a previous statement. "These two works — based on the author/performers' personal experiences — give us rare insight into 'the state of the union' from two wildly different points of view."

Written and performed by Mike Albo, The Junket is inspired by actual events. "In this hilarious, harrowing, thinly-veiled tale, a struggling writer (named, um, Mike Albo) gets a freelance gig to pen a column for the country's most influential newspaper," press notes state. "It's a dream come true, and after years of low pay, Albo thinks he may finally be able to afford NYC's new luxury loft lifestyle (he even gets a new stylish boyfriend). But after he goes on an over-the-top, ill-fated press junket, he becomes a gossip item on the city's snarkiest, meanest blog, and is thrown into an acrimonious war between old and new media. The Junket is a much­ needed investigation into the compromised state of modern journalism, provoking questions about how we get our news and who gives it to us."

The production is directed by David Schweizer and features video effects by Larry Shea.

Culture Project presents artistic work that "investigates urgent social and political issues. By fostering innovative collaboration between human rights organizations and theatre, music and film artists, Culture Project aims to inspire and impact public dialogue and policy, encouraging democratic participation in the most urgent matters of our time." Tickets are available by calling (866) 811-4111, or visiting Visit for more information.

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