The Last Supper, Home-Cooked Cult Hit of Brooklyn, Moves to Manhattan Oct. 17

News   The Last Supper, Home-Cooked Cult Hit of Brooklyn, Moves to Manhattan Oct. 17
Beginning in April 2002, Brooklynite Ed Schmidt took his seeming fate as a failed playwright into his own hands and began staging his latest play The Last Supper in the living room of his own Park Slope apartment—which he christened The Church of the Holy Transformation.

Each audience numbered about a dozen. The show was quirky and unique enough to attract articles in such publications as Time Out New York and The New York Times. It's taken some time, but the play has finally built up enough momentum to transfer to Manhattan—to a different living room. The new run, beginning Oct. 17, will take place at 154 W. 27th Street, Apt. No. 4W. The title has a double meaning. Ostensibly, the play—which is performed and directed by Schmidt—is a retelling of the original last supper, focusing of the women who prepared the meal for Jesus and his disciples. But Schmidt often gets off track, sometimes talking about his own frustrated ambitions as a playwright, reading from copious rejection letters. Meanwhile, the author is busy fixing of four course dinner, meant to be consumed by the audience at the end of the performance.

The production boasts a set designer, Eduard de Wolf, providing an additional layer of confusing artifice to the proceedings. As the press release tells, "Eduard de Wolf has created an ingenious kitchen-and-dining room set in Mr. Schmidt's actual kitchen and dining room, that not only looks like Mr. Schmidt’s kitchen and dining room and functions like Mr. Schmidt's kitchen and dining room, but is in fact Mr. Schmidt's kitchen and dining room."

There are two performances most weeks, Friday and Saturday at 7 PM. Official opening is Dec. 14. According to a press representative, many of the shows prior to opening are already sold old. Each performance can now accommodate a whopping thirty people, and ticket prices have gone up from Schmidt's Brooklyn days, to $50-$75 per person. The price includes the show, the meal, wine and beer. Payment is voluntary. Reservations can be made by calling Ed at (718) 499-7758 or by email (

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