The Real Americans Opens at Lynn Redgrave Theater March 18

News   The Real Americans Opens at Lynn Redgrave Theater March 18
The Real Americans, a new play written and performed by Dan Hoyle, opens at the Lynn Redgrave Theater March 18 following previews that began March 13. 

The Real Americans is presented in repertory by Culture Project with Mike Albo's The Junket, which opened March 16. The productions run through April 20.

"Mike Albo and Dan Hoyle are expert dramatists with compelling and uniquely American stories to tell," artistic director Allan Buchman said in a previous statement. "These two works — based on the author/performers' personal experiences — give us rare insight into 'the state of the union' from two wildly different points of view."

The Real Americans is written and performed by Hoyle. Here's how the production is billed: "Escaping his hipster bubble in San Francisco, Dan Hoyle spent 100 days searching to bridge the divide between the liberal, achingly hip, moral-relativism of gentrified city life and the conservative, absolutist, often aggressive populism he found in small-town America. The Real Americans tells of Hoyle's time living out of his van and sleeping in backyards and parking lots, sharing meals and conversations with cowboys, Reaganite union coal miners in Appalachia, soldiers, rural drug dealers in the Mississippi Delta, itinerant preachers, creation theory experts in West Texas, and closeted gay fundamentalists. Hoyle sought to see the world through their eyes in search of country wisdom and a way to reconcile the divide between the Two Americas. Instead, he found himself at ground zero of our country's growing economic inequality and increasingly polarized politics."

The Real Americans is directed by Charlie Varon, who developed it with Hoyle. It is presented in partnership with Marsha Garces Williams.

Culture Project presents artistic work that "investigates urgent social and political issues. By fostering innovative collaboration between human rights organizations and theatre, music and film artists, Culture Project aims to inspire and impact public dialogue and policy, encouraging democratic participation in the most urgent matters of our time." Tickets are available by calling (866) 811-4111 or visiting Visit for more information.

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