The Skivvies' Summer Adventures: Andrew Keenan-Bolger Goes to "Heaven"

Special Features   The Skivvies' Summer Adventures: Andrew Keenan-Bolger Goes to "Heaven"
The scantily-clad duo The Skivvies, otherwise known as musical theatre performers Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina, are taking along on their summer adventures in a new, stripped-down blog.

Throughout the summer, The Skivvies will give readers a revealing glimpse into their steamy activities - with ukulele, cello and Broadway stars in tow.

This week, The Skivvies take us behind-the-scenes on a music video shoot at Second Stage Theatre with special guest Andrew Keenan-Bolger. Click through to watch The Skivvies' video of Bruno Mars' "Heaven."

Time to wake up and start the day.
Lauren spooning her cello. Dreaming of mashups.
Working at Schmackery's. Anyone want some cookies?
Andrew Keenan-Bolger helping the Skivvies vacuum the lobby of Second Stage.
In line to buy tickets for the awesome new show Nobody Loves You at Second Stage.
Ready to see Nobody Loves You. We hear it's hilarious and fantastic.
Recording music for the new podcast "The Ensemblist" by Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone.


More Skivvies recordings for "The Ensemblist."

Check out the Skivvies, Keenan-Bolger and Shannon Ford covering Bruno Mars' "Heaven":



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