Theatre and Gaming Worlds Merge in New Immersive Show, Republic

News   Theatre and Gaming Worlds Merge in New Immersive Show, Republic
Theatre-goers in Orlando will be given the opportunity to take part in a brand new immersive theatre experience being assembled for a May premiere at a date to be announced. The Republic "is an interactive gaming experience, taking people out of the computer and into a fully designed world," says creator Sarah Elger in the event's promo video that also functions as a Kickstarter promo.

For each show, 30 audience members will participate as "players" and 12 performers will guide them through the experience. The 80-minute show will feature multiple endings depending on how audience members choose to "play the game."

"We're really trying to push the boundaries of interactive theatre and pushing people forward into out of their comfort might be kidnapped. We want people to not only have to make decisions in this world but also physically push themselves," Elger says.

The show will take place in an 18,000-square-foot warehouse in downtown Orlando, with at least 25 fully designed spaces. The set will feature a maze where audiences can wonder and get lost and a team of engineers, sound designers and architects are working to incorporate moving elements, projections and special effects to enhance the immersive experience.

According to Elger, the story of The Republic is inspired by Greek mythology, "Metropolis" and Plato's Republic. The show recalls elements of the immersive theatre show Sleep No More.

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