Their Favorite Things: "Cocoon" and Henry 4.1 Star Steve Guttenberg Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

Favorite Things   Their Favorite Things: "Cocoon" and Henry 4.1 Star Steve Guttenberg Shares His Theatregoing Experiences's feature series Their Favorite Things asks members of the theatre community to share the Broadway performances that most affected them as part of the audience.

This week we spotlight the choices of Steve Guttenberg, who is best known for his roles in "Police Academy," "Cocoon" and "Three Men and a Baby," and is currently making his Shakespearean debut in the Hudson Warehouse’s production of Henry 4.1, which continues through June 28 at The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Riverside Park.

Steve Guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg

Frank Langella in Frost/Nixon

Frank was shattering as Nixon. He told me backstage to play the hand you're given, even if it's twos and threes. You will eventually win.

Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit

She's a living work of art, and I was mesmerized.

James Gandolfini in God of Carnage

He was the actor we knew he was. "Sopranos" was his loudspeaker. Also see "Enough Said," he was brilliant in that film.

Paulo Szot in South Pacific

He broke my heart with his emotion.

Victoria Clark in Light at the Piazza

She was delicate and beautiful. I loved her skills.

Ethan Hawke in The Scottish Play (Macbeth)

Ethan has the craft and the passion. His performance was stunning.

Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz

I was smiling ear to ear. I wrote him a fan letter.

Mark Rylance in Jerusalem and Boeing-Boeing

Mark flies above everyone. And the most humble man around.

Brian Stokes Mitchell in Kiss Me, Kate

Brian is who we all want to be, smart, talented and thrilling.

John Malkovich in Burn This

That role made him indelible.

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