THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Now. Here. This. and [title of show] Star Hunter Bell Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

Favorite Things   THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Now. Here. This. and [title of show] Star Hunter Bell Shares His Theatregoing Experiences's new feature series, Their Favorite Things, asks members of the theatre community to share the Broadway performances that most affected them as part of the audience.

This week we spotlight the choices of [title of show] Tony nominee Hunter Bell, who can be heard on the new Ghostlight Records release of the Vineyard Theatre's production of Now. Here. This.

Hunter Bell
Hunter Bell Photo by Monica Simoes

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Betty Buckley singing "Memory" in Cats


"I came up with my high school and Cats was one of the shows we saw. Say what you want about Cats, but I know every word and that was a thrilling moment. Betty Buckley could have her own Top 10 list for me."



Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz


"I saw his first show back after he won the Tony Award. It was so fun and free and alive. I loved it."



Michael Gambon and Lia Williams in Skylight


"It was so intimate and so theatrical at the same time. I was in the back row of the theatre and it was like I was the only one there."

Dame Edna: The Royal Tour 


"So smart. So quick. So, so, so funny. I kept going back to see his mind at work. Well…her mind."



Heidi Blickenstaff in [title of show] 


"It might be cheating but Heidi Blickenstaff singing 'A Way Back to Then.' I watched from onstage, which sort of counts as 'audience,' right? It was so simple and connected and she sang the hell out of it!"



Susan Blackwell in Now. Here. This.  


"Okay this might be cheating too…Susan Blackwell performing 'Golden Palace' from Now. Here. This. Again, 'onstage audience' but I adore Susan's honest, direct, present storytelling and discovery in a moment night after night. "


The whole cast of Avenue Q


"I was so moved and laughed so hard. It was and is one of my favorite shows."



Janet McTeer in A Doll' s House


"Everyone kept saying, 'You gotta see this!' Went in with high expectations, and I remember thinking, 'Okay we'll see.' She blew me away. One of those performances where you can't imagine the words she's saying came off a page. Just seemed so real and natural. "

Laura Benanti in Gypsy


"So natural, real and surprising. I believed everything she did. And it didn't hurt she looked amazing doing it."



Joanna Gleason in Into the Woods


"Everything was right. She was amazing."

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