“Learning Never Stops” When You Pursue a Life in the Arts

Outside the Theatre   “Learning Never Stops” When You Pursue a Life in the Arts
This young opera singer dedicates his time to teaching pre-teens in the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and discovers endless inspiration in their energy and talent.
Eric Williamson
Eric Williamson
Eric Williamson
Eric Williamson

Who: Eric Williamson
Snapped: Outside the Shubert Theatre on 44th Street

First of all, I love what you're wearing.
It's Poncho Wednesday!

Why did you go and see Matilda today?
I'm here with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. I'm the chorus manager of one of our performance divisions, the pre-teens Junior Ensemble.

Do you enjoy what you do?
Completely! One-hundred percent satisfaction. The kids are a joy to work with. They are amazing singers and love singing; they can sing basically anything. They also love being with each other. It's a really nurturing environment and community—I love seeing them grow as musicians and watching their friendships grow. It's an absolute pleasure and I love every second.

What is something that they teach you?
Learning never stops. Their eagerness and desire to keep things fresh, always expand and learn more, inspires me. Also, the way they pursue their dreams—how tenacious they are in going after them. And their energy. I kind of wish I had the same energy, but I'm getting older, and I can't keep up with them all the time.

Do you have a background in theatre?
I studied voice classically so I've performed in some operas. I was in a production of Così Fan Tutte in Italy this past summer. I did a lot of musical theatre in high school, but then transitioned into classical voice and opera in college.

What is something unique about you?
I know how to pantomime! I don't think many people know how to do that.

If you were going to stage a pantomime today, what would it be?
I'd do an interpretive dance mixed in with pantomime.

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