There Will Also Be Female Strippers in Magic Mike Musical, Plus the Facts on Freaky Friday!

News   There Will Also Be Female Strippers in Magic Mike Musical, Plus the Facts on Freaky Friday!
Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey, whose musical If/Then recently concluded its Broadway run, are at work on two stage adaptations: Freaky Friday and Magic Mike. Here's what we know.

A developmental lab of Freaky Friday — based on the Disney films and the novel by Mary Rodgers — will be held March 31-April 10 and is produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.

"We're doing a lot of work on that in the next two weeks," Yorkey told "Freaky Friday was one of the first jobs that we went after once people knew who we were — years and years ago. I love it. We heard about it, and we were both like, 'We love that movie,' and both of us knew the book when we were young and had loved the book… So we really wanted to do it, and someone else got the job, which was a bummer, but that's the way it goes…

"Years went by, and things changed, and it turned out they needed someone different to work on it, so they called us back and asked if we'd still be interested, and we jumped at it."

Although Yorkey could not reveal the lab casting, he said, "There are some Broadway favorites in the cast who are fantastic, and I hope some day that Broadway gets to see them in it."

The new musical features music by Kitt and lyrics by Yorkey, with a book by Bridget Carpenter. Christopher Ashley directs. With Freaky Friday, Kitt and Yorkey have a lot of material to refer back to. The story, about a mother and daughter who trade bodies, was first published as a children's novel by Mary Rodgers in 1972. A film version was made in 1976, starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster; a Disney television version was made in 1995, with Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman; and, most recently, the 2003 film remake starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

Yorkey said, "Each one sort of took the core and the heart of the book — both the conceptual essence of it and also the emotional heart of it — and found its own way of telling the story. And, that's what we're doing with the musical. I think that we certainly love both movies, but we went back to start with the book because we love the book most, and we were very fortunate to get to spend some time with Mary Rodgers before she died. Bridget Carpenter, our book writer, got to be very good friends with Mary, so our job [is] to retell this story for a new generation and hold tight to the things that make it special."

As for Lindsay Lohan, he said, "I hope she'll come see it! I would invite Lindsay Lohan to opening night. She could be one of my opening-night guests. I would love to have her there. I think she's fantastic."

The duo is also at work on Magic Mike, a musical based on the Warner Bros. film of the same name that starred Channing Tatum as a male stripper.

"Our agent called us up and said, 'What do you guys think of Magic Mike The Musical?' And, we were like, 'Where do we sign? When do we start? Let's go!' And, that's including Tom, who is straight and married," said Yorkey. "We both love the movie because it's a great world — that world of male strippers. It's populated with these fantastic characters, and the big thing about it is it has this surreal, pure heart to it. I think that's why the movie did so well. I think people went to see Channing Tatum with his clothes off, and Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello and those folks, but you stayed, and you loved it, and you went back because it had such good heart and was such a great story…"

In the spirit of The Full Monty, the guys will sing and strip, but book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark) is aiming to be all-inclusive in the striptease act.

"He has also found out a way — and I can't probably say much more about it — [for] a chance for the women in the story to get their turn taking some clothes off, so it's an equal-opportunity… It's going to be fun for everybody!"

A private reading of the first act will be held in the spring for the musical's producers. It was previously reported that Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum, director and star, respectively, of "Magic Mike," were on board to produce.

The team said that part of the challenge with Magic Mike is finding the perfect parts to musicalize and the right songs for those "magical" moments. Yorkey explained, "It's not one of those shows that you sit around and go, 'Wow. Where do the songs go?' In this one, the songs go everywhere, and so we just need to figure out exactly how to tell the story and what to leave in and what to leave out."

As far as casting goes, "I don't want to name any names because there are so many hot, hunky Broadway men. I would love to have two or three casts of Magic Mike — like I'd hope we'd have a couple road companies… If you've ever been to one or two Broadway Bares, there's so many awesome, hunky Broadway men, who are perfect for this, so casting is going to be a challenge, but hopefully we get to cast it a few times. Even the cast of If/Then — there are some hot hunks, including Jenn Colella. Come on! Gotta love Jenn Colella!"

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