Tony Administration Committee: No Odd Couple Decisions Yet

Tony Awards   Tony Administration Committee: No Odd Couple Decisions Yet
Despite reports to the contrary, no decisions have been made concerning eligibility of actors in the cast of The Odd Couple revival, notably Brad Garrett, who has already departed the cast.

A statement from the Tony Awards press office states, “Prior reports suggesting decisions have been made on Tony eligibility for The Odd Couple are pre-mature. All issues of eligibility will be addressed at the appropriate meeting of the Tony Administration committee.”

The cut-off date for Tony eligibility for the current season is May 10.

The 2006 Tony Awards will be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall on CBS-TV on June 11, 2006.

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. * The Tony Awards Administration Committee assembled for the first time during the 2005-2006 season on Sept. 22. Eligibility decisions were made as well as the creation of a new category: Best Performance by an Actor/Actress Recreating a Role. Actors who replace other actors in long-running shows will now be eligible for a Tony Award. According to a statement released by the Committee, those actors eligible for this category “must not have appeared in the role when the production opened on Broadway. They must also be contracted in the role for a minimum of six months of public performances. Additionally, the producers may not submit more than two candidates per ‘Long-Running’ Show for the Award (including both Actor and Actress) for any such season.”

All still-running Broadway productions that opened in a prior season would be eligible for this new category. Those actors eligible must be playing in roles that were eligible in the Best Performance category in the season the show first opened.

The Committee also discussed the eligibility of the five shows that had at that time: After the Night and the Music, The Constant Wife, Primo, The Blonde in the Thunderbird and Lennon. The one eligibility decision announced concerned the short-lived Suzanne Somers show, The Blonde in the Thunderbird. That production will be eligible for nomination in the Special Theatrical Event category. All other decisions were consistent with the opening night credits.

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