Tony Awards 2011: Who's in? Who's out? Who's sleeping?

Inside Track   Tony Awards 2011: Who's in? Who's out? Who's sleeping?
Tomorrow at exactly 8:30 AM EST my life will no longer be my own. Anika Noni Rose and Matthew Broderick will officially kick-off the most exciting (and exhausting) time of year for us Broadway folk, when they announce the nominations for the 2011 Tony Awards. And once the names of the nominated come out of those Tony winner’s lips, there’s no turning back. It will officially be Tony Time.

Hopeful Broadway stars and starlets across Manhattan will be glued to their TV sets, crossing every available appendage in the hopes that their name is called among the list of nominees.

Our staff at will be making the rounds of calls to get the reactions of the recently nominated. Some of which will claim something to the effect of: “The nominations were today!? I was doing XYZ when my [insert publicist’s or spouse’s or parent’s name here] called and interrupted me from [sleeping or working out or churning butter] to tell me I’d be nominated! I was so surprised.”

I guess it sounds better than: “You’re darn right I was nominated! I’d been up watching CBS since 6…the night before! I think my retna might be permanently damaged.”

Anyway, don’t forget to check all day tomorrow to get your favorite star’s reaction to their Tony Award nomination…whether it’s genuine or not!

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