Transcript of May 6 Tony Nominations Chat

Tony Awards   Transcript of May 6 Tony Nominations Chat
Playbill On-Line hosted a chat in its general chat room on America Online May 6, the evening of the Tony Award nominations. Here is an edited transcript of the result. This was an unregulated chat with up to 48 people, the room's limit, chatting at any one time. The event was hosted by Playbill On-Line's Managing Editor Robert Viagas, but was mainly a discussion among members.

Playbill On-Line hosted a chat in its general chat room on America Online May 6, the evening of the Tony Award nominations. Here is an edited transcript of the result. This was an unregulated chat with up to 48 people, the room's limit, chatting at any one time. The event was hosted by Playbill On-Line's Managing Editor Robert Viagas, but was mainly a discussion among members.EHopkin : I've seen King & I, Rent, Big, State Fair

OzuSaigon : smile SWEET! smile

BPBWAYBABY : Meg, I hope she does that musical and we can go see


Abwfilm : Bring in Da Noise....9 NOMS

SteenaBean : I'd like to see King and I because Donna Murphy's really talented

RViagas : Hi, gang. So how about that Best Musical category?

EHopkin : King & I is great

Abwfilm : Best musical, best choreograher-savion glover, best director-george c. wolfe

Shurr nuff : BIG was robbed

EHopkin : shocker, rviagas

OzuSaigon : Viagas - you're that writer ain't ya? I've read your work work.

Abwfilm : best costumes, best lighting, best featured actress-ann duquesnay

SWEET4130 : I hear RENT was great

Abwfilm : On broadway at the ambassador theater

SWEET4130 : Was Forum nominated?

OzuSaigon : i live in san antonio where shows fear to tread!

BPBWAYBABY : RViagas, are you a BP fan?

SteveR34 : <=== didn't like RENT

Lilith2460 : I've heard mixed reviews about Rent - mostly bad

SteenaBean : Everyone says so, but it's been hyped so much i wonder.

MEGBWAY : worship..

EHopkin : I think it should have at least been nominated

Abwfilm : forum got 4 noms

Shurr nuff : BIG will run longer than FUNK

BPBWAYBABY : worship...

Abwfilm : including Nathan for best actor

OzuSaigon : power to funk!

MEGBWAY : BP and Renee are so cute

SWEET4130 : Good Nathan rules!!

SteenaBean : I would like to see Forum soon

MEGBWAY : no, no ,no!!!!

SteveR34 : Forum: Revival, Director, Actor (Lane), F. Actor (Stadlen)

Hanon : Does ANYONE here thing "Swingin' On A Star" was a better show that "Big"????

Shurr nuff : overhyped, nathan's only good thing

SWEET4130 : I'm going to see Forum!

RViagas : What does everybody think happened with "Vic/Vic" and "Big" not getting nominated for Best Musical?

EHopkin : I wish I had seen FUNK when I was in NYC, but I didn't; who's seen it


MEGBWAY : well, i dont know

Abwfilm : Rent is so overrated, I saw it

Shurr nuff : BIG was robbed!!!

RViagas : I've seen all the nominated shows. Do you have a question about one of them?

OzuSaigon : i heard .. what's wrong with RENT?

SWEET4130 : I heard BIG sucked

SteenaBean : Was it really no good?

Lilith2460 : Theatre is getting so commercialized - the truly experimental stuff is often overlooked

SteveR34 : characters in RENT are really underdeveloped

EHopkin : RENT's not overrated

SteenaBean : That is true, Lillith

MEGBWAY : not on the cd

OzuSaigon : really? i wish i lived on bway and could see them shows

EHopkin : you're right about the characters, Steve

Lilith2460 : Or their runs are too short

RViagas : Lilith, how can you say that? All the commercial shows got left out of Best Musical?


Shurr nuff : people paying 70 bucks from iowa don't want to see experimental

Hanon : Big was flawed, but overall real good. Certainly deserving of a nomination

SteveR34 : RENT is VERY experimental

SWEET4130 : Musicals just aren't what they were....

SteveR34 : SHURR if that were the case STATE FAIR would have done better

MEGBWAY : oh no!

OzuSaigon : What do you guys think the best show on BWAY is right now?

SteenaBean : No, they really dont. i dont blame them

Lilith2460 : Exactly. Rent is experimental and it was nominated.

Shurr nuff : if it were GOOD

RViagas : Abw, what do you do for "Funk"?

SteenaBean : The theatre is atourist market now.

MEGBWAY : here comes Chris into the audience to do the conga


BPBWAYBABY : MEG, I have to go EMail everyone! Do you want me to

call you later tonight or just 2morrow?

OzuSaigon : i wanna go to bway!

SWEET4130 : The best NEw show??? ozu

Shurr nuff : if you want THEATRE -- go to the regionals

SteenaBean : But there still is a place for things with greater


Lilith2460 : I wish Angels In America were still on B'way.

Abwfilm : I am the assoc director of marketing at The Public

RViagas : Steena, you really think "Funk" and "Rent" are for tourists?

OzuSaigon : the best all-around show ...!

EHopkin : When I saw RENT, it was clearly a NYC and a theater


Abwfilm : Angels is my FAVE

SWEET4130 : Mis Saigon and Les Mis!

OzuSaigon : smile

Lilith2460 : Great taste Abw!

OzuSaigon : i wish blood brothers were back on bway!

Shurr nuff : Funk is good -- but BIG will run twice as long

SteenaBean : It is just sad that there cant be more variety

OzuSaigon : Blood Brothers is DA BOMB!

SteenaBean : On Broadway

RViagas : "Big" costs a lot more to run than "Funk."

SWEET4130 : I like the older plays

Shurr nuff : I should know

RViagas : Shuff, what was your favorite thing about "Big"?

Digable96 : HI, does anyone want to talk?

Hanon : Steena, what are you talking about? More variety?

Lilith2460 : If it doesn't say Webber, Schonberg or Revival on it,

it dies.

MEGBWAY : is that ok?

Wozzles11 : Lilith!

OzuSaigon : petula clark is playing sellouts in london's sunset

OzuSaigon : Power To SCHONBERG!

BPBWAYBABY : Go Go Go Joseph!!!!

Digable96 : did you hear me?

SteenaBean : EXACTLY< shurr nuff

RViagas : Hey, Digable. What did you think of the Best Musical


SWEET4130 : SCHONBERG!!!!!!!

MEGBWAY : Joseph

Digable96 : Has anyone seen INHERIT THE WIND?

OzuSaigon : POWER TO SCHONBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET4130 : Hi Digable!!!!

Hanon : You think State Fair, Big, Funk, Rent, Buried Child,

An Ideal Husband are all the same show???

OzuSaigon : smile Sweet

RViagas : Ozu, you know Schonberg's "Martin Guerre" opens in


Digable96 : With Scott?

SteenaBean : and those things have aplace... i just wish it wasnt

the ONLY thing out there

Wozzles11 : Is this room infested with Webber fans?


Wozzles11 : Good

Shurr nuff : Dhow has been retitled GONE WITH THE WIND

SteenaBean : No, Hanon. I was speaking of the huge amount of


RViagas : Interesting note: This hot season had no Webber or

Sondheim show.

Hanon : How could there be MORE variety on Broadway right


SWEET4130 : Ozu you are the voice of reason!!!!!!

SteenaBean : and big splashy musicals that are on bway

OzuSaigon : no wonder it was a hot season

Lilith2460 : Correction - Getting Away With Murder was a Sondheim


OzuSaigon : u 2 sweet! smile power to us!

Hanon : Like Rent? Like Funk?

SteenaBean : to make up for the huge ticket price

RViagas : Ozu, there was no new Schonberg show either!

OzuSaigon : :*(

RViagas : No new Sondheim MUSICAL, that is.

SteveR34 : <==== LOVED Getting Away With Murder

Shurr nuff : if the public supports FUNK and RENT over the long

haul, than more producers will be willing to risk

SteenaBean : That i heard was awful, unfortunately

Wozzles11 : Sondheim, Sondheim

SteenaBean : But i did not see it

Lilith2460 : Isn't Steve working on something new?

OzuSaigon : Viagas - i read your thingy on martin guerre!

Hanon : Getting Away With Murder wasn't THAT bad...

SWEET4130 : I thought this chat started at 9

RViagas : Wozzles, did you know Sondheim is preparing his new


OzuSaigon : one of my friends heard MARTIN GUERRE music!

SteenaBean : Yes, but i dont know much about it

Wozzles11 : Yes I did!

RViagas : Ozu, yes -- what do you think of them doing Martin


Wozzles11 : I live for Sondheim news

SteenaBean : My dad hated it... but then, we dont have the same


Adelaide80 : Hi!!!!

SWEET4130 : HI Adelaide!

Hanon : By the way, the book for Sondheim's new musical is by

John Weidman of "Big" fame

Lilith2460 : Hello Adelaide

OzuSaigon : RVIAGAS - power to them! of course, people, MARTIN G

is gonna have SMALL sets!

SteenaBean : Well, Wozzles, we were discussing him be4 but i dont

no about his new show

RViagas : Next season could have a new Sondheim show -- the

Mizner musical -- AND a Webber show, "Whistle."

OzuSaigon : it's supposed to be an intimate musical

EGO17 : hi!

Adelaide80 : Everyone in here LOVES Andrew Lloyd Weber....right?

Wozzles11 : He did Assassins too right?

SteenaBean : Ok, Hanon, did u see BIG, too?

Shurr nuff : NO!!!!!!!!!

Lilith2460 : NO WEBBER!!!

OzuSaigon : not all adelaide

Hanon : Yes

Lilith2460 : I love Assassins


Wozzles11 : Weidman , I mean

RViagas : Ozu, what project would you like to see Boublil &Schonberg do in the future?

SWEET4130 : I love ALW!!!!!

SteenaBean : As much as I like Sondheim I'm not up on all the news

about the next one



Adelaide80 : I personally think he is talentless


FJL1960 : Has anyone heard anything about whether TITANIC will

be on next season?

OzuSaigon : VIAGAS - i see them doing another show based on war

but not about war at all

RViagas : Webber's "Whistle Down the Wind" will probably open

in LA less than a year from now.

EGO17 : Any Nathan Lane fans?

Adelaide80 : I AM

OzuSaigon : power to whistle

RViagas : Maury Yeston is nearing completion on "Titanic" but

no plans for next season yet.

SteenaBean : I saw assassins! SS sent me a ticket(no lie)

Wozzles11 : Hmmm.., Sounds familiar, Adalaide

OzuSaigon : no, ego - i'm tired of him

Adelaide80 : He's not talentless

EHopkin : RViagas, why do you think Vic/Vic was absolutely

brutalized the way it was?

FJL1960 : I heard TITANIC is rehearsing for a workshop right


Puck375 : hello everyone

Hanon : This was the best new musical season in years and the

Tony folks have thrown a wet blanket on it

Lilith2460 : Assassins was great! Very intelligent. I saw a

regional production of it.

Jimbo111 : Hi!

Adelaide80 : Familiar???

EGO17 : hi Jimbo

RViagas : Jimbo, what do you think of the Tony nominations?

SteenaBean : Well, thats why i never saw any of the shows, hanon!

Hanon : Asassins should have been on Broadway instead of


OzuSaigon : smile schonberg is da bomb! you know he writes all his

music by ear,

Lilith2460 : That takes talent

Wozzles11 : I said the EXACT same thing yesterday. Remember Lil?

OzuSaigon : At least he doesn't scrape his few songs off the

bottom of the drawer

Jimbo111 : ..a little bit surprising, RViagas

SteenaBean : I saw the one at playwrights horizons. Pretty weird,

but exciting and original,

RViagas : "Assassins" couldn't get a producer.

Wozzles11 : No, I LOVE Passion

Puck375 : Hello Lilith

Wozzles11 : PUCK!

SteenaBean : It would never have made it hanon.

RViagas : Jimbo, how would you have voted in the Best Musical


Hanon : Well, neither did Passion

SteenaBean : I did enjoy passion but it was underwritten

Abwfilm : Best musical Noise/Funk

Jimbo111 : ...RENT..

Hanon : RENT

Hdt33 : Rent

Abwfilm : Rent schment

OzuSaigon : RVIAGAS -you know schonberg and i have a common bond

in that our music is very similar!


RViagas : More votes for Best Musical, please!

Puck375 : What's the scoop????

RViagas : Ozu, are you a composer?

SteenaBean : I mean it would never even have lasted a week!

Broadways tough

Buzz156 : Rent

Wozzles11 : Because I told Lil the same thing yesterday

EHopkin : RENT, with KING AND I for Best Revival

Blowfish25 : hey Adelaide80 whats up

RViagas : Puck, we're talking Tony nominations here.

Abwfilm : noise funk noise funk noise funk noise funk noise

funk noise funk noise funk

FJL1960 : RViagas, have you heard the rumor - only rumor - that

CBS really wants Big and V/V numbers on the show

Adelaide80 : um...hi?

Puck375 : RENT anyone!

Lilith2460 : Zoe Caldwell will win Best Actress in a play

RViagas : Any votes for "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" or

"Swinging on a Star"? They DID get nominated.

Shurr nuff : NO!!!!!!!!!!

RViagas : How about for Best Play?

Adelaide80 : Who?

Hdt33 : Loved for RENT

Abwfilm : I cannot belive Chronicle got a nom, it was


Hdt33 : Master Class

Hanon : FLJ: Of course they do!!! Now they don't get



or kids dancing on a piano.

Dranscript : I can't believe BIG was snubbed. I saw it in Detroit

and really enjoyed it, problems notwit

Lilith2460 : Master Class. Hands down

Dranscript : hstanding

FJL1960 : Of the four, the only one that offered a "good time"

was Swinging, if that means anything

EHopkin : Master Class

Abwfilm : Master Class was FAB!

Bruce516 : Chronicle was more a play with music.

SweethrtNJ : Master Class definately.

Wozzles11 : I LOVE Julie Andrews

Shurr nuff : BIG was robbed!!!!!!

JMarch3035 : Victor/Victoria's snub was outrageous. That's about

al I have to say!

Buzz156 : Loved Master Class, but Seven Guitars will win

RViagas : Could mean a lot, FJL.

Adelaide80 : I can't believe that V\V didn't get nominated

Abwfilm : Julie is fab , but the show really isn't

Hanon : BIG and RENT were both great, in completley different


Lilith2460 : Terrence McNally is a wonderful playwright

Abwfilm : Big? dreck

Dranscript : I thought V/V was rightly snubbed. The lyrics are


SweethrtNJ : I know - I loved V/V - but Rent was good too!

EHopkin : agree abw

RViagas : V/V got a grand total of ONE nomination: Julie

Andrews for Best Actress. Nothing else.

JMarch3035 : And the whole thing about not showing all awards live

is terrible!

FJL1960 : V/v would have closed out of town without Julie

Andrews, or probably never been produced.

Shurr nuff : BIG and RENT -- it's like comparing BABE to LEAVING


Dranscript : FJL: Agreed.

Bruce516 : McNally will not win again.

Wozzles11 : Yea for Julie

SweethrtNJ : Julie deserved that Nomination.

RViagas : No problem, Shurr: "Big" didn't get nominated for

Best Musical.

JMarch3035 : And where did the Tonys get CHRONICLE and STAR from?

Lilith2460 : Why wasn't Carol Channing nominated?

Hanon : Anyone else looking forward to "Swinging On A star's"

number on the awards? I can't wait

JMarch3035 : They didn't deserve those nominations!

Shurr nuff : i should know

JMarch3035 : Carols

EHopkin : julie deserved the nom, but Murphy deserves the award

SweethrtNJ : I have no idea JMarch! I agree 100%

Jimbo111 : Anyone see Chicago at City Center last week?

JMarch3035 : Carol is ineligible. Mike DeVries from the revival

should have been nominated.

Blowfish25 : hello adelaide

RViagas : Chronicle was excellent, but it ran such a short

time, I'm surprised the Committee remembered it.

Adelaide80 : HELLO

Lilith2460 : I didn't like Michael DeVries that much

Hdt33 : But it was memorable

JMarch3035 : the dolly revival was exceptional, by the way

Wozzles11 : Carol Channing scares me

Abwfilm : Dolly? dreck

Lilith2460 : But she has PRESENCE

SweethrtNJ : Dolly was great!

Adelaide80 : I have a feeling that the tonies are gonna STINK

EHopkin : saw Dolly, saw K&I; no contest

Hanon : You said it, Adelaide

RViagas : The Dolly revival is nominated for Best Revival of a

Musical, as are Forum, King and Company.

JMarch3035 : They are. the whole edited awards thing is terrible

Lilith2460 : No - Nathan is the host!

Shurr nuff : God save us from HELLO DOLLY REVIVALS

Abwfilm : she was barely making it across the stage

Adelaide80 : Who's hosting??

JMarch3035 : dolly with channing was just one special moment in

the theatre. Period.

Shurr nuff : 20 years ago

Wozzles11 : She still scares me

Dranscript : I'm listening to Company right now...

Hanon : Nathan Lane is hosting

Abwfilm : bingo

JMarch3035 : And Julie Andrews deserves the Tony on her former

body of work alone.

SweethrtNJ : I'm glad Nathan finally was recognized.

EHopkin : agree JMarch, but K7i was head & shoulders better

Wozzles11 : What song?

Puck375 : what am i missing?

Abwfilm : nathan does deserve it

Lilith2460 : Nathan is brillant

JMarch3035 : Speaking of company, does anybody know if the london

company recording came out yet?

Hanon : Well, Julie certainly wouldn't win it just for V/V

SweethrtNJ : Anyone here see Forum?

Buzz156 : Will "Swinging" and "Chronicle" perform numbers since

they closed? If not, who and what?

Abwfilm : saw forum

RViagas : Not yet.

JMarch3035 : i'd love to see forum.

Merv3 : I cannot believe the deliberate snub of


Shurr nuff : Nathan Lane is wasted in Forum -- he's done it all

before -- and better

Buzz156 : London Company is out

Wozzles11 : I HAVE TO SEE FORUM!

SweethrtNJ : Wasn't it (Forum) hysterical?

JMarch3035 : ME TOO!

Abwfilm : it ain't that fab

DVlady : Yes, I saw it in previews, and it was great!

Shurr nuff : no

JMarch3035 : Hysterical and Hysterium!

Lilith2460 : I'm with you Wozzles!!!

Wozzles11 : I will DIE if I don't

Hanon : CBS has gotta be pissed

Pippin3 : Big would have benefited from a performance during

the broadcast

JMarch3035 : Poor Tony roberts and rachel york

SweethrtNJ : Anyone see Moon Over Buffalo?

Abwfilm : I am sure you will make it

MIONI : Merv3--I agree...

SEHOLLER : about what, hanon?

EHopkin : good point Hanon

Abwfilm : saw moon

SEHOLLER : I saw Moon

Abwfilm : twice

Abwfilm : for free

JMarch3035 : anybody think zaks will win for direction?

Hanon : About not getting numbers from Big or V/V

SweethrtNJ : Did you laugh your you know what off?

Shurr nuff : no

Jimbo111 : Mark Linn-Baker looks horrible in a dress smile

Mcarena : hi guys..can't believe they snubbed V/V

DVlady : Anyone seen Rent?

SteveR34 : zaks SHOULD win

CoBears : George C. Scott was terrific, A sure winner...

Abwfilm : rent schment

Hanon : Rent's great

Pippin3 : V/V should have been snubbed

Jimbo111 : yesterday, DVlady!

Shurr nuff : why?

SteveR34 : <+++ hated RENT

JMarch3035 : personally, i think the opening # should be comedy

tonight by burnett, lane, andrews, m.p!

Lew Delish : rent - overrated - overhyped -

Merv3 : Rachel York was so fabulous that I would have bet

she'd win and she didn't even get nominate

Bruce516 : Scott may not win now that he's gone.

MIONI : Anyone see any choreography in Rent?

FJL1960 : In a way isn't this what should happen - that there

are more good perfs and shows than award slots?

Abwfilm : yay steve!

SteveR34 : Rob Marshall should got a nom for V/V Chore

RViagas : Steve, what did you hate about "Rent"?

RPSRDR : I can't either Mcarena

Pippin3 : Rachel was robbed! She stole the show right from


Lew Delish : agreed - rachel york was fabulous

MIONI : agreed!

SweethrtNJ : I loved V/V - I was upset my cousin didn't get


Bombaluren : yes she was

Lilith2460 : This year had much better nominees than last year

Pippin3 : more to pick from this year

Mcarena : well pippin is not in agreement

CoBears : Andrea McArdle was overlooked.

EHopkin : I'd love to see Brett tabisel win as best featured


JMarch3035 : Vic/Vic will have the last laugh, though, because it

is raking in t he money

RViagas : A lot of the reviews said Rachel had that category

sewn up -- and then not even a nomination!

JMarch3035 : this year's nominees left me aghast!

SEHOLLER : I agree, Co

Hanon : Brett was great

Merv3 : Who's your cousin, Sweethrt?

Shurr nuff : Brett is very good

Abwfilm : it isn't really rakingin bucks

Pippin3 : V/V is only raking in the money because of Julie.

Continued in Part 2

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