Transcript of May 6 Tony Nominations Chat -- Part 2

Tony Awards   Transcript of May 6 Tony Nominations Chat -- Part 2
SweethrtNJ : Michael Nouri - he plays King.

SweethrtNJ : Michael Nouri - he plays King.

RViagas : Julie has said she'd stay with V/V until it turns a profit, which could take another YEAR.

JMarch3035 : liza minnelli would make a great choice to replace J.A. in V/V

Jimbo111 : Did anyone see Annie Reinking in Chicago last week?

Dranscript : I was very disapponted that Dan Jenkins didn't get a Best Actor nod for BigWozzles11 : fast

Lilith2460 : What about Kathie Lee? Funny ha-ha

JMarch3035 : i wish i had seen CHICAGO; i'm still desperately looking for the cast album!

Hdt33 : How does Tony argue with Pulitzer?

SteveR34 : RENT: characters under developed, no real story development, just a bunch Gen-X'ers whining

Mcarena : this year's tony is a joke

RViagas : Shurr, wake up.

Abwfilm : yay steve!

SteveR34 : and why did they change the ENDING?!?!?!?!?!?!

JMarch3035 : does anybody know if footlight in NY has the out-of-print CD from the original show?

Chadeca : Kathie Lee was robbed

MIONI : lol

JMarch3035 : this year's Tonys will be a joke at this rate

Shurr nuff : LOL!

Abwfilm : hello, the show would not get a second look if the

playwright hadn't died

RViagas : We had lunch with the V/V cast. They wanted to know who everyone thought could replace Julie. Ideas?

Wozzles11 : Kathie Lee makes me want to slit my wrists

Abwfilm : sorry, but its true

JMarch3035 : liza minnelli, not kathie lee

Lilith2460 : Patti after she does Master Class

Pippin3 : no to either of them

SteveR34 : anyone upset that ROB MARSHALL overlooked 3


Abwfilm : it's called a sympathy vote

Hanon : When I heard the nominations, I kept saying: This has

got to be a bad dream...

Chadeca : faye dunaway could replace

Pippin3 : no to Patti too...they should close it

RViagas : How about Shirley MacLaine?

JMarch3035 : patti lupone should be doing a revival of GYPSY!

CoBears : This year's Tony, another example of snobbery against mainstream musicals.

MIONI : yes Steve

JMarch3035 : mclaine would be excellent

RViagas : Ehop, close what?

RViagas : V/V?

FJL1960 : How about Berndaette peters to replace Julie Andrews? (Though I heard she's doing the new kander & Eb

EHopkin : vic/vic after julie

JMarch3035 : what's wrong with a big, old-time musical? I can appreciate V/V and RENT

Shurr nuff : Tony's schmony. In the long run, I bet BIG will run longer than FUNK or RENT.

Wozzles11 : I love Bernie

Lilith2460 : Kander and Ebb are doing something new?

Dranscript : Bernadette shouldn't waste her time...

Pippin3 : Why'd Swinging get nominated???

RViagas : Kander and Ebb are musicalizing "The Skin of Our Teeth."

RPSRDR : How about Linda Dano?? She's sung before on attitudes and was VERY GOOD!

Jimbo111 : When is the Kander and Ebb show due?

Shurr nuff : Bernadette shouldn't waste my time

Abwfilm : noise funk noise funk noise funk noise funk noise funk noise funk noise funk

MIONI : Has anyone seen the costumes in Bring in da funk...

Hanon : Rent will definitley run a while. Funk might have more trouble

Abwfilm : yup!

EHopkin : great question Pippin

Lew Delish : I hear Betty Buckley supposed to be doing "Annie Get Your Gun" - at least great songs

JMarch3035 : i wish!

RViagas : They seem pretty far along. They did some songs at a recent fundraiser. It sounded great.

Abwfilm : Funk will run til the end of 1996

Jimbo111 : <-can't wait to see Betty at Carnegie!

Abwfilm : that is the intention

Shurr nuff : BIG will run three years

EHopkin : good, I want to see Funk

JMarch3035 : rent will win, for better or for worse.

Abwfilm : "Big" blows chunks

RViagas : I don't think I'm going out on a limb with that one.

Lilith2460 : Betty has the most wonderful voice in theatre today

Lew Delish : Big - still at Duffy Square

SteveR34 : STATE FAIR-- was WRONGED!!! It's simple

old-fashioned entertainment

Abwfilm : they cancelled the first 2 perfs

Jimbo111 : I agree, Lilith2460!

RViagas : "Funk" is much more complex and interesting than the

promotions I've seen.

Lilith2460 : Thanks

Hanon : Big is doing good business.

Wozzles11 : I'm with you Puck

Dranscript : What does everyone think of the 3 musical snubs?

Pippin3 : Funk blew me away

Abwfilm : thanks Rviagas

CoBears : I agree SteveR34, What's wrong with corny old fun ?

Abwfilm : <--patting myself on the back

Nailil : What were the snubs?

Abwfilm : thanks pippin

Dranscript : State Fair, Big, V/V

Shurr nuff : What the heck was Gretchen Cryer doing nominating


Shurr nuff : or MUSIC????

RViagas : Variety says "Big" sold 71 percent of its tickets.

Hdt33 : Surpised at the BIg snub, given the creative team

Bruce516 : I can appreciate Funk, but it isn't connected into a

whole piece.

SEHOLLER : getting her act together

Pippin3 : State Fair wasn't a didn't deserve it

SteveR34 : Didn't really enjoy V/V-- Big shoulda, State Fair


Wozzles11 : State Fair is junky

Hanon : Big is in a big theatre

Lilith2460 : It was bland

Nailil : There is a whole pice to Funk

RViagas : Gretchen had a hit with "Getting My Act Together and

Taking It on the Road."

Abwfilm : and rent, big state fair and v/v are?

Lilith2460 : State Fair

MAMJJM1 : I was surprised Andrea McArdle wasn't nominated

Lew Delish : I saw "Swinging On a Star" - pleasant - and needed a

half hour cut

Bruce516 : Big is constantly available at TKTS

Shurr nuff : 80 years ago

Nailil : Black history through the decades

IanMcC17 : I saw State Fair, was charming.....but it didn't

deserve the nomination.

SteveR34 : Why Pipin?

RViagas : Just think: Rodgers and Hammerstein competing with

rap and alternative rock. Whew!

Dranscript : I liked Big a lot, didn't see State Fair and don't

want to see V/V after hearing the OBCR.

Bruce516 : Agreed, Ian

Jimbo111 : what a combo!

Pippin3 : The big snub of the day was Rachel York

FJL1960 : Was Big's 71% before or aftee the Canby Times review?

RViagas : The final week of previews. That's the latest Variety

is reporting.

Nailil : Funk was terrific

Lilith2460 : But where would we be without good ol R&H?

SteveR34 : Ah--- but only certain songs in State FAir are to be


MIONI : RViagas--do you think nominating committee is trying

to bring in a new theatre-going audience?

Abwfilm : thanks Nailil

RViagas : Maybe they think it's already here.

Wozzles11 : I liked V, V more than I thought I would

Hanon : Rent can't possibly lose best score

Nailil : Has anyone seen the ticket line at Rent

SEHOLLER : Rent can't lose anything.

Acl15 : The big SHAME is nominating Chronicle Of A Death

Foretold for anything.....

SteveR34 : I liked V/V less-- who ever heard of a 3-hour


Bruce516 : That line is often for the day seats at Rent.

SteveR34 : CHRONICLE was VERY interesting

Acl15 : much less best musical

Hdt33 : Ac, did you see it?

FJL1960 : I know Big was at tkts after the reviews. But the

seats there were pretty bad.

RViagas : Acl, "Chronicle" was a real experiment in dance


Jimbo111 : Sundays the best bet to get on line for RENT...

Vin Fan : 20 years later [after "A Chorus Line"] another downtown show will win all the


Hanon : I mean, look...Rent was going to win everything

anyway, why not nominate Big?

EGO17 : Who has seen Forum?

RViagas : Like " A Chorus Line" you mean?

Acl15 : CHRONICLE was as boring as anything Ive seen.... it

forgot to do one thing... entertain !

Lew Delish : The audience didn't get "Rent" when I went- they were

applauding to make the $67.50 tickets seem worthwhile

MIONI : Graziella's choreography was superb...but a best

musical nomination?

MAMJJM1 : me

Vin Fan : Yes

RViagas : I've seen all the nominated shows, including Forum.


NJ24601 : hi

EGO17 : did you like it?

IanMcC17 : I get a Broadway trip for my HS graduation. I'm

seeing Funny Thing, Les Miz, and Rent.

Nailil : Forum was good. Nathan Lane stole the show


Dranscript : I would go out on a limb and say that Patrick Stewart

was snubbed as well.

IanMcC17 : I get two more shows. What should I see?

RViagas : Great trip, Ian.

Pippin3 : Nathan was great!

Acl15 : ok choreography was good but not tony quality

Wozzles11 : Hooray for Sondheim shows!

SEHOLLER : congratulations, Ian

EHopkin : See King & I

Nailil : IanMc..try to see Funk..definately

Pippin3 : Amen Wozzles!


Bruce516 : Frank Langella was snubbed also.

Dranscript : Sondheim is easily my fav.

SteveR34 : I've seen everything that opened this season--

incluiding Ideal Husband

RViagas : Wozzles, What did YOU think of "Forum"?

JJurkevich : Hey, SEH

Hanon : But not hooray for Getting Away With Murder

Lilith2460 : Company! Sweeney Todd! Sondheim!!!

ECambron : I agree Wozzles.

SEJBway : Brett Tabisel DESERVED to get nominated--HE'S GREAT!

Nailil : Dran did yu see the murder show

Wozzles11 : Didn't see it yet. This summer



Lew Delish : IDeal Husband was wonderful - went to opening -

Dranscript : SEJ: Yes! He is!

EHopkin : agree sej

SALSOE : Hi Seholler

RViagas : Did anybody else think "Murder" had a lot in common

with Sweeney Todd?

MSchoffer : Hello everyone, are there really 48 people here

tonight..that's great.

Wozzles11 : Follies! Sunday! Passion!

Dranscript : Nope, didn't see GAWM?

Vin Fan : I forgot what Frank Langella was in.

Acl15 : another performance that was overlooked was Jordan

Baker from Suddenly Last Summer

CoBears : Glad Scott Wise was nominated. Very talented and best

of STATE FAIR actors

Pippin3 : Into the Woods is a masterpiece

RViagas : Like the bodies sliding down a chute to the basement,


Hdt33 : With Sweeney?

Merv3 : Do you think Julie Andrews will win the Tony?

Hanon : You're right Lew, Ideal Husband was terrific


Mtmandmem : is lane REALLY as good as we read?

Bruce516 : Langella was in The Father

MSchoffer : I am so happy with the nominations..what does everyone think?

SEHOLLER : crazy!

Dranscript : Any other sondheim list members here?

Acl15 : Donna McKechnie should have been nominated also

Nailil : I agree Sweeney???????

MIONI : yes I think Julie will win

RViagas : If Julie doesn't, things are gonna be pretty bleak around the Marquis.

ECambron : TONY should scrap old clips and show stuff from ALL the shows this year.

Jimbo111 : I thought Nathan was hilarious


Merv3 : Who will win best actress in a musical?

MAMJJM1 : Lane was fab

Wozzles11 : All Sondheims rock

Lilith2460 : Sweeney can be's brillant.

Lew Delish : I hope Julue wins - but the show does not show her off to vocal advantage....

EHopkin : Murphy should; julie will

Lilith2460 : But only by Sondheim

Vin Fan : Was Victor Victoria that bad?

Hanon : Isn;t this it?

Dranscript : Steve: It's not monitored and you're here smile

MSchoffer : Has anyone seen "Forum"?

JODAD CONN : hi. I'm new at this but us RENT really as good as they say?

RViagas : THIS is the Tony chat. It's unmonitored, deliberately.

SteveR34 : Thanks Dan

JJurkevich : ITS Better!

Wozzles11 : Sondheim is the theatre god

Lew Delish : I kind of wish Julie were doing King & I - CD was very nice indeed

Hanon : I lovds RENT

MIONI : true Lew Delish--but she is still wonderful at what she does

Lilith2460 : There's

Hdt33 : Rent is as good as they say

Nailil : Someone please update me on the actress nominations

Sable D 07 : Rent is fantastic!

Jenbehn : How in the world do they fit so many people in here!!!!

EHopkin : Lew, you wouldn't if you saw Donna

Nailil : Did Zoe get one

RViagas : Not anarchy -- just busy.

Dranscript : So What do you think the chances are we'll see a number from the Company revival?

Lew Delish : I agree MIONI - Julie is always special


Wozzles11 : It's tough to breathe

IanMcC17 : Julie did a recording of King and I with Ben Kingsley.

Acl15 : VV is not great but deserved better acknowledgements than it go

SteveR34 : I agree AC

Wozzles11 : That CD rocks! Lea Solonga!

Jenbehn : Patti looked GREAT this morning!!

Bruce516 : Surprised that Elaine is in the lead category.

Lew Delish : Sure Donna is wonderful too! She was wonderful in Passion - not one of my fave shows

RViagas : Best Actress: Carol Burnett, Zoe Caldwell, Elaine Stritch and Rosemary Harris. Wow!

MSchoffer : That actress noms are: J.Andrews, C.Moore, D.Murphy & D.Rubin Vega.

Pippin3 : Zoe all the contest!

EHopkin : agree re PASSION

Dranscript : RViagas: agreed! Wow indedd

Nailil : Corol Burnett???

Lilith2460 : Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe!

Dranscript : indeed rather smile

Hdt33 : Zoe!!!!!!!!!

MIONI : V/V desreved many more nominations

CleCAR : How did Swinging on a Star get nominated?

SteveR34 : What's Stritch doing in that category?

Wozzles11 : Passion, Passion, Sondheim, Sondheim

FJL1960 : Anyone else think that Stritch might give Zoe

Caldwell a run for her money?

Nailil : Uta Hagen didn't make it?

JJurkevich : For Moon over Buffalo, Nailil

Jenbehn : Zoe is a lock-in

RViagas : Best Actress in a Musical: Julie Andrews, Crista Moore, Donna Murphy, Daphne Rubin-Vega. (Rent).

JJurkevich : That's off-b'way

MAMJJM1 : Strich was wonderful

MSchoffer : Swinging..was nominated for best musical

SEHOLLER : she's off-Broadway Nail

Yipyak : I thought Mrs. Klein was dismal.

Nailil : I saw both FJL. Zoe was better

JJurkevich : Mrs. Klein, that is

RViagas : That's Daphne Rubin-Vega.

Vin Fan : I can't believe they nominated 2 shows that closed. Is the League trying to get more offbeat musicals

Lew Delish : Uta's off-broadway - not considered for Tonys

Jimbo111 : Where's AnthoDeane when you need him?!

Dranscript : I would lvoe to see Crista Moore win, but it's a long shot

MIONI : Why was Swingin nominated?

RViagas : The League didn't do the nominating.

Wozzles11 : Good God it's crowded

CoBears : Inherit the Wind for best Play Revival. (Give Pat Buchanan heartburn!)

Hdt33 : Rubin-vega can't compete with star power

MSchoffer : i know.

JJurkevich : B/c they really hated BIG

Bruce516 : The scenery and costume noms are surprising as well.

Pippin3 : my head is spinning!

SEJBway : CRISTA MOORE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!! She wrote to me today!

RViagas : Rubin-Vega's on the cover of Newsweek.

Vin Fan : I mean the Tony committee.

EHopkin : RENT isn't a star vehicle IMO

Nailil : Thought Mrs. Klein was great

MIONI : Costumes...Funk?

SteveR34 : Stritch should have been in Featured!

RViagas : Has this room ever had more than 45 people?

Wozzles11 : No

EHopkin : no

MSchoffer : i don't know.

Yipyak : Mrs. Klein was so booooring.

Nailil : Stritch was good because of the script

MAMJJM1 : I agree Steve but she was great

MIONI : They're wearing tuxedos...

RViagas : Costumes: Funk, Delicate Balance, King and I, Buried Child.

Vin Fan : Just like A Chorus Line. Remember Donna McKechnie on the cover of Newsweek?

Yipyak : Why didn't Jon Robin Baitz's play get nominated for anything?

Nailil : I thought Delicate Balance was boring

JJurkevich : 11 - 1 at night is hot here

RViagas : Baitz' play was off-Broadway -- not eligible.

EHopkin : costumes - K&I

Hdt33 : King and I costumes!

Bruce516 : Baitz play was off-Bway

JUnaitis : What the heck is "Racing Demon?"

RPSRDR : It's nice to see so many people in here. It proves people really DO care about theatre!

Yipyak : Donna McKechnie's career went nowhere really.

Wozzles11 : The best is when there are other ALW haters

Dranscript : What're everyone's picks for the Best Director categories?

JJurkevich : Off-Broadway, Yip

RViagas : Racing Demon was a play about the Church of England. Ran about two months at the Beaumont.

Jimbo111 : Bring back more Fosse!

FJL1960 : Big year for Lincoln Ctr Theater - Chronicle, Delicate Balance and Racing Demon

Nailil : Tereence McNally

JM217 : Idina Manzel (Rent) has star power (watch her rise)

MSchoffer : It's been nice talking with you all..I wish a good luck to all the nominees.

Jenbehn : RViagas: You really pack them in here!

JJurkevich : Wolfe, or Zaks

Merv3 : Does this mean that there won't be any numbers from V/V on the Tonys?

Lilith2460 : Many ALW haters here

Yipyak : But wasn't Racing Demon at the same theater as A Fair Country?

Vin Fan : Lets see what happens in 20 years with the Rent cast.

RViagas : Idina is truly amazing.

JUnaitis : Was "Racing Demon" worthy of its nomination; never heard of it!

Jessie 712 : Hi

EHopkin : consider K&I got 7 noms without being eligible for score, book, etc

Puck375 : prediction for 1997......


Nailil : What's ALW

IanMcC17 : I'll bet on Wolfe for Funk and Richards for Seven Guitars.


Bruce516 : Racing Demon was an excellent David Hare play.

Puck375 : Jeeves best revival

RViagas : Aha, well, that's the big question. Under current rules, no number from V/V OR Big. But rules can change . . .

Acl15 : Did anyone see CHICAGO at City Center this past weekend ??

Wozzles11 : Andy Lloyd Webber

Jessie 712 : SEHOLLER !!!

REH52052 : Why do you think BIG and VICTOR/VICTORIA was virtually snubbed?

MIONI : Merv3--probably not

Lilith2460 : Andrew Lloyd Webber.

JoeHardy15 : HEY ANDREW

Acl15 : VV was not that bad !!

AndLlydWbr : Hello

RBoscio : who is this?

JJurkevich : No - Beaumont is B'way, Newhouse is off-B

DOUGROBO : CHICAGO was great! One of the best i've seen in months!

AndLlydWbr : 45 oh my gosh!

AndLlydWbr : Hey Jen!

RViagas : The Committee picked only musicals from non-profit theatres, whether by coincidence or design.

Wozzles11 : Nothing personal, just the name

JoeHardy15 : JEN!

Jimbo111 : Bebe was terrific!

RViagas : "Racing Demon" was at the Beaumont.

Mtmandmem : who will do RENT movie?

Yipyak : As John Simon said about "Da Noise", it's good, IF you like tap for two hours.

MIONI : Vv plays to a standing ovation every night with or without Julie

Jenbehn : Joe Darling!

JJurkevich : Hopefully, original cast will!

DOUGROBO : How about that stud lead dancer Michael B. Yum!

RViagas : Newsweek says four companies are competing to do the "Rent" movie. Bids up to $3.75 million.

Acl15 : dougrobo glad to hear you thought so too !!!! Reinking & Newirth were great

Yipyak : And Baitz's was at the Newhouse.

Wozzles11 : Lil, it's the devil himself


Nailil : Yipyak...same would go for any musical. You better like singing

Lilith2460 : Yucky

CoBears : If there had been 5 nominees for Best Musical there still would have been snubs

Dranscript : I hate the V/V cast album. Is it any better on stage?

EHopkin : can't imagine RENT as a flick

AndLlydWbr : Any news on a Rent tour?

Dancer Jay : And what's up with those wack chages in the program and stuff!?!?

RViagas : Rent opens in Toronto later this year.

Lilith2460 : When will Passion be on TV?

Dancer Jay : Pre-recorded speeches?

Dranscript : Lilith: Good Question

JJurkevich : So far, no And. Just Toronto, then London prod's


Jimbo111 : Acl15, I only wish it ran for more than 4/5 shows!

JM217 : Rent is going to play canada this summer

Yipyak : I heard they sold today for four million.

Pippin3 : Its no better Dranscript...too coulda been a contender

Vin Fan : Did anybody see Bway Bares on Sunday?

RViagas : The Passion TV project is tied up in disputes. The show is in the can, but no venue yet.

Lilith2460 : Oh dear. :(

AndLlydWbr : I knew about those...guess I'll have to go to Toronto....If you force me

DOUGROBO : Vin: Did you see Bway bares? How was it?

Acl15 : dougrobo glad you agree that Chicago was great... Reinking and Newirth were the best !

CoBears : How long will State Fair or BIG last after the TONY's?

Vin Fan : No

JJurkevich : Is Oliver Coming to Broadway, Next season?

Puck375 : tell me what you think

DOUGROBO : I'm subscribing next season to Encores!

EHopkin : we're at 47 - unbelievable

Pippin3 : Big'll last...but State Fair will die

Wozzles11 : of what?

Jimbo111 : me too, DOUGROBO

RViagas : No firm date on Oliver yet..

Puck375 : anything

Acl15 : so who was Bare at Bway Bares ??

ECambron : Chicago's underrated.

AndLlydWbr : I feel awful about State Fair

SEJBway : I think we should HIT 50 soon

SteveR34 : BIG is falling in numbers too

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