Twilight the Musical?

Inside Track   Twilight the Musical?
Just when you thought Twilight couldn’t get any bigger—New Moon saw the third highest-grossing weekend in Hollywood history!—Vampire musicals have apparently come back in style.  And I’m not talking about the ill-fated Dance of the Vampires or Lestat (heavens, no). Rather a crop of Twilight-inspired musicals that have hit the web hoping to suck every last bit of hype from this franchise.  One even combines another big money, tween driven brand called Twilight High School Musical.  Sigh.

Twilight The Musical

New Moon: The Musical: Nice ode-to-MJ at the end!

Twilight High School Musical: You can "Bet on It" not making the Main Stem any time soon. bada bum

And finally, we've got TWILIGHT: the musical: A multi-part musical parody extravaganza

. You know, just in case you really haven't gotten your fill.

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