UNLOCK THE VAULT: Dec. 29, Broadway's Disco Baby

News   UNLOCK THE VAULT: Dec. 29, Broadway's Disco Baby
In celebration of Playbill’s new site, Playbill Vault, we offer a month-long theatrical treasure hunt! Playbill Vault offers an interactive treasure trove for theatre fans, students, aficionados and historians alike. To build the Playbill Vault, more than a dozen Playbill staff members spent nearly 18 months scanning, cataloging and tagging thousands of programs from the Playbill archives in Queens and Manhattan, as well as synching up tens of thousands of news stories, photos and videos from 17 years of theatre coverage online on Playbill.com.

Upon the Dec. 1 launch of its beta version, the Playbill Vault includes information on over 10,000 shows and 120,000 actors, creative teams and crew members who have worked or are currently working on Broadway, with content being added on a daily basis.


Broadway's Studio 54 theatre is both old and new. Best-known as the crown jewel of the 1970s disco era, it was reborn as a Broadway theatre, home to productions of the Roundabout Theatre Company. But not many people know that Studio 54 began life as a Broadway house, and has had eight names over the years. Do you know any of them? Visit the "Theatres" section of the Playbill Vault to see all those names -- and all the productions that opened there since La Bohème in 1927.


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Studio 54 has had eight names through the years:
Gallo Opera House -- 1927
New Yorker Theatre -- 1930
Casino de Paris -- 1933
Palladium Theatre -- 1936
Federal Music Theatre -- 1937
New Yorker Theatre (again) -- 1939
CBS Radio Playhouse No. 4 -- 1942
CBS Studio No. 52 -- 1946
Studio 54 -- 1977

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