US President LBJ Inspires More Theatre in Chicago

News   US President LBJ Inspires More Theatre in Chicago
Chicago dance company The Seldoms presents a contemporary dance piece inspired by the former President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Power Goes uses dance theatre and a blend of spoken word, sound design and video projection to examine how power is performed.

Power Goes began March 20 and continues through March 29 at MCA Stage, Chicago. It comes less than a year after another theatrical investigation of President Johnson, Robert Schenkkan's drama, All the Way, won the Tony Award as Best Play.

The cast of Power Goes includes Christina Gonzalez-Gillett, Damon Green, Amanda Mcalister, Javier Marchán Ramos, Cara Sabin and Philip Elson.

According to The Seldoms, the show is "about far more than just LBJ himself. The Seldoms reveal how power is present in intimate exchanges and collective public actions alike, in the past and in the present. They seek out how power flows through—or gets blocked up in—bodies when they lean in, loom over, work together, bear down, relent, resist, or rise up. From LBJ’s contentious 1960s context of civil rights protest and the Vietnam War, Great Society programs and struggles over the future of America, to our present moment of struggles over equality and rights, social change and citizenship, war and peace, political stalemate and the yearning to move America forward."

Power Goes combines video projection of historic images, a wall of 75 suspended charis and recorded audio of Johnson and Barack Obama side by side.

The creative team includes artistic director Carrie Hanson, playwright Stuart Flack, visual artist Bob Faust, sound artist Mikhail Fiksel, costume designer Jeff Hancock, lighting designer Julie Ballard, visual artist Sarah Krepp, video artist Liviu Pasare and historian Michael J. Kramer. Power Goes was awarded a 2014 NEFA National Dance Project Award along with the 2014 NPN Creation Fund Award.

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