Video of Acclaimed Orson Welles Play Arrives on DVD Jan. 28

News   Video of Acclaimed Orson Welles Play Arrives on DVD Jan. 28
StageDirect, which brings theatre to people's living rooms, will release The Magnificent Welles on DVD and video Jan. 28.

The Magnificent Welles, written and performed by Marcus Wolland, chronicles the life of a young Orson Welles in 1942 as he struggles for control of "The Magnificent Ambersons," the motion picture that followed his classic, "Citizen Kane." Welles waged and lost a battle with the movie studio for control of "Ambersons," and the play captures the director, alone in a hotel room, as he realizes his film is slipping away from him. About the original production of The Magnificent Welles, The Seattle Times wrote, "Wolland bears a remarkable resemblance to Welles. There are moments his curling lips, arched eyebrows and body language suggest Welles playing Charles Foster Kane and others when he suggests a more vulnerable side to Welles. . . . [Wolland] turns the show into a genuine tour de force."

StageDirect's CEO and founder Gary Cole, a former corporate attorney and CIA employee who always had a love for the theatre, says, "The late, great Orson Welles has attracted a huge following, and we hope The Magnificent Welles does the same. This DVD is a must-see for Orson Welles fans and anyone interested in the history of American cinema."

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