Watch New “Bradshaw” Music Video From If/Then’s Janet Krupin

News   Watch New “Bradshaw” Music Video From If/Then’s Janet Krupin
After becoming disillusioned with Sex and the City, Krupin wrote a song about it.

Janet Krupin, seen on Broadway in If/Then, Hands on a Hardbody, and Bring It On, has released a new music video, “Bradshaw,” from her EP Hipster Pinup. Watch it above.

The music video stems from her disillusionment with the popular HBO series Sex and the City, she explains.

“Being a curious young girl peeping into the lives of sexually active adult women was fun,” she says, until she watched it again as an adult. “This show that I loved as a girl made me feel naïve as a woman. Maybe I was. I had totally and unknowingly subscribed to the religion of a fictional pop culture fantasy, and a white-washed, heteronormative one at that.”

The recurring lyric, “Raised on Bradshaw, cut with Crenshaw,” refers to studying the work of American civil rights advocate Kimberlé Crenshaw in college at the University of Southern California. Crenshaw inspired Krupin to play with words and concepts not normally given to women.

“For the music video,” Krupin says, “I remixed elements of the TV show’s famous opening credits. The dirty water that flies in Carrie’s face when the bus goes by is now a drink brewed and meant to warm. The fluffy ingénue ballet skirt flouncing down the streets of New York becomes hustle-ready rehearsal wear on the luminous human and incredible dancer, 16-year-old Emma Branson. I thought there would be no one better to embody the exterior and interior feminine strength. The depression era glass tea set was borrowed. No heels here. I wore boots I’ve had resoled three times.

“In my lens, the representation of the feminine divine is of utmost importance,” she adds. “Now more than ever, we need positive female role models.”

Click here to learn more about her original music.


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