Watch Paul Taylor Discuss His Inspiration, His Flops, and More

Video   Watch Paul Taylor Discuss His Inspiration, His Flops, and More
In honor of Taylor's passing, CBS Sunday Morning revisits the famed choreographer and his work in this “From the Archives” feature.

“For the most part, dance has always seemed to me infinitely limitless and so rich in possibilities that I don't see how anyone could run out of ideas,” choreographer Paul Taylor told CBS Sunday Morning in 1995. In honor of the MacArthur Genius’ August 29, 2018, passing, the weekend arts program resurrected the interview with Taylor for an encore showing, including clips of his most renowned works like Esplanade.


Taylor was known for his use of pedestrian movement in his modern dance, having learned from Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, and other pioneers.

“What makes him a genius is at those times when he doesn't know what he's doing. The reason he's a genius to me comes down to his instincts,” said Paul Taylor dancer David Grenke in the video above.

And Taylor held similar respect for his dancers. “I look for somebody I like because I'm going to have to work with them presumably for quite some time,” he said. “It’s a great joy if I feel I've helped someone along the way, someone I like, in their profession.”

Taylor’s favorite moment was “just before the curtain goes up of what's going to be there, what can be there,” he confessed. And his love for dance and his dancers is something that propelled him until the end.

“I think of dance and dancers as being a giant...they're bigger than life.”

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