Watch the Video for 'Who Holds Us' From Truth Bachman and Zhailon Levingston

Music Video   Watch the Video for 'Who Holds Us' From Truth Bachman and Zhailon Levingston
The song, celebrating LGBTQIA+ youth, was commissioned by On the Quays for Reemergence: A Queer Visual Album.

Composer Truth Bachman and director Zhailon Levingston (Chicken & Biscuits, Tina) have collaborated to create the song and accompanying music video "Who Holds Us." The piece was commissioned by On the Quays for the group's film Reemergence: A Queer Visual Album, inspired by the themes of loss, remembrance, and queer resilience. Check out the video for "Who Holds Us" above.

The song features lead vocals by Maya Sharpe (Hair), with featured vocals by Bachman. Also in the video are Garrett Shin, Angel Edme, Matt Engle, Ares Garcia, Keiji Ishiguri, Michael Quadrino, Rebecca Santiago, and Zia, with additional vocals by Lisa Helmi Johanson, Daniel Quadrino, and Jamie Serkin.

The piece, in addition to its place in Reemergence, is also part of a larger collection of music referred to as the Shapeshifters Playlist that chronicles Bachman's personal journey and creative collaboration with Levingston, and the creation of the musical Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical.

Co-created by Bachman and Levingston, Shapeshifters centers on a non-binary, teen comic book artist who discovers a hidden plane of existence inhabited by LGBTQIA+ superheroes. The musical was workshopped at New York Theatre Barn in October, and will release a concept album this fall.

Reemergence: A Queer Visual Album premiered online in June for Pride 2021 and will be screened following a live concert August 12 at Culture Lab in Long Island City.

"Who Holds Us" is produced by On the Quays in association with Half-Light Productions.

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