We Sent Two New Yorkers On A Blind Broadway Date and This Is What Happened

Special Features   We Sent Two New Yorkers On A Blind Broadway Date and This Is What Happened
In celebration of Valentine's Day, Playbill strapped on our cupid wings and sent two theatregoers to An American in Paris and booked them a table at Glass House Tavern for a post-show drink. Did these two strangers find love in the last row
Love in the Last Row_American in Paris

First Impressions

Nina: I arrived first (very rare for me!); it was sunny, but freezing cold, while I waited outside the theatre. I was pretty nervous as this was my first blind date; however, my first impression of Laurence was his great smile and confidence, which was immediately comforting. We walked in and Laurence kindly bought us a sippy cup of wine each — which was exactly what I needed as I was nursing a mild hangover from the night before.

Laurence: She was there first. I met Felicia, our kind host, who had been keeping Nina company until I arrived. They were all very happy and Nina was sweet enough to give me a hug immediately. I think she seemed relieved to get the tickets. We were both nervous, I think, because the whole thing was a new process! Meeting someone for the first time is always a bit nerve racking, but this was exciting because we had Broadway tickets.

Intermission Talk

Laurence: We re-filled our wine sippy cups and caught up on how we were feeling about the play. The dancing was incredible and I learned she practiced ballet for six years. My mom is a professional dancer, so we both were able to really appreciate how talented the performers were. I really liked that we seemed to have flowing conversation throughout.

Nina: During intermission we refilled our drinks and stood at the back of the theatre as we discussed the performance, travel and how we both liked to cook. I learned Laurence's mother was a professional dancer who came over to America with the Beijing Dance Academy where she met his father. I also learned it was his grandmother's birthday and that he played piano for 11 years, which was relevant to me as my mother is a piano teacher. I promise the conversation was a lot more interesting than I'm retelling it!

Favorite part of the show?

Nina: I loved the lead up to when they find out they are all in love with the same girl, Laurence and I were kept whispering to each other, "It's about to go down," in anticipation.

Laurence: My favorite part of the show was when we initially sat down. The seats were incredible — and I love Broadway so I felt really comfortable and excited for the show. She was really easy going, so it made me able to relax and just enjoy the show.

The Post-Show Drink

Nina: After the show Laurence grabbed my hand, and we ran across three lanes of traffic in the middle of the Times Square chaos to get to Glass House Tavern. We were seated at a cozy corner table where we learned more about each other over some prosecco and burrata. He had to leave shortly after to attend his grandmother's birthday dinner in Long Island, so we caught the subway downtown together before a quick kiss goodbye and that was it.

Laurence: The host brought us to a really nice table in the back. We both were surprised by how fancy it was. I think we both could have gotten along great at a low key bar. We got an appetizer and some champagne, and enjoyed chatting about Australia and NYC, as well as living in BK vs Manhattan. (We both live in Brooklyn right now so that was nice to find in common.) It was nice to enjoy some champagne with her over Valentine's Day. 

The date in one word:

Laurence: Fun

Nina: Fun

Second date?

Laurence: I'd love to do something like that again.

Nina: Well, he's got my number...

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