Webway Wednesdays . . . Glee it to me, baby!

Inside Track   Webway Wednesdays . . . Glee it to me, baby!
If you haven’t heard already…Glee is coming, Glee is COMING! Not since the footage of Brett Michaels getting bopped on the head wore out our TIVOs have theatre people been so excited to sit home and watch TV instead of going out to the theatre.

So what is it about this show that has us all acting like we are giddy schoolgirls waiting for a phone call from Quaterback McCoolguy? Is it because we’re all excited to see Broadway’s own Matt Morrison and Lea Michele rock it out on the small screen? Perhaps. Is it because most theatre lovers are ex-glee clubbers and we are now finally getting our chance to shine as the “cool kids”? Maybe. Is it because hearing songs sung by a glee club is awesome? Most definitely!

This just debuted on a recent episode of The Simpsons. Even if you aren’t a grown-up who is still watching cartoons (aka: ME), you can still appreciate this rendition of The Simpsons' theme song.

If there is anyone in this country that still believes arts education isn’t worth saving, please watch these kids from PS22 in New York City!

And finally, a great song from one of Broadway’s most beloved choirs, the Broadway Inspirational Voices!

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