Webway Wednesdays . . . The Audition

Inside Track   Webway Wednesdays . . . The Audition
This week, thousands of well heeled hopefuls auditioned to be extras in the new Sex and the City movie. These women, dressed in their finest Carrie-esque outfits, waited for hours in the heat and humidity for their chance at one second of screen time. They found out the hard way what actors in this town have known for years--yeah...auditioning is hard!  

Here's a tiny, pre-Tony Lea Salonga auditioning in front of powerhouse Cameron Mackintosh for Miss Saigon.  


The documentary Every Little Step explores the making of A Chorus Line--the ultimate depiction of the open casting call, and just how painful it can be.  The film, which came out earlier this year, also includes clips from the audition process for the most recent Broadway revival.   Notice the tear-your-heart-out line at the :24 mark:  "If you've been cut, can you please...get out." Ouch.

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