Where Do the Women of "Nine" Keep Their Oscars?

PlayBlog   Where Do the Women of "Nine" Keep Their Oscars?
Nine, the $80.5 million musical remake of Federico Fellini's "8½," will be weighing in at this year's Academy Award race with seven past Oscar winners on board, so it was logical that the press would ask where they stash their statuettes.

"In the library," Sophia Loren responded routinely in a "doesn't everyone?" tone.

Nicole Kidman said that she doesn't keep her prize around the house to clutter up things. "My mom has it on her mantle in her house in Sydney," the actress relayed.

Penelope Cruz, the newest recruit of the goldenized girls, said, "I have it in my house in Spain, and I still haven't found the right place for it," she admitted, "but, for the first month after I won it, I was so excited about it that I took it everywhere with me. I took it — this is true — I took it to the beach one day."

Not the most ideal of beach toys, opted Loren: "It's very heavy, and it doesn’t float."

The whereabouts of the little gold men that were given to Daniel Day-Lewis (twice for him), Marion Cotillard and Judi Dench have yet to be determined.

— Harry Haun

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