Will Jane Lynch Host This Year's Emmy Awards?

PlayBlog   Will Jane Lynch Host This Year's Emmy Awards?
This year's Emmy Awards will air on Fox, and if producer Mark Burnett decides to stay within network for the 2011 host, is it possible that Jane Lynch, also know as aggressive cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester from Fox's "Glee," will take on the job.

With Lynch's flawless comedic timing and improv skills—not to mention her singing—she is currently the top choice, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, besides Burnett's decision, the host must also be approved by the TV Academy's board of governors, which will meet May 18.

If Lynch were to host the 2011 Emmy Awards alone, she would be the award show's third solo female host. Angela Lansbury was the first in 1993, and Ellen Degeneres hosted in 2005.

Lynch won an Emmy Award last year for her work on the Fox hit series "Glee," and was previously nominated as a guest star on "Two and a Half Men."

The Emmy Awards are set to air on Fox Sept. 18.

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