Woman Charged With Stealing Glenn Gould Memorabilia

Classic Arts News   Woman Charged With Stealing Glenn Gould Memorabilia
A Texas woman has been indicted on charges of selling more than $10,000 worth of Glenn Gould memorabilia, reports the Associated Press.

The Manhattan district attorney's office told the AP that 62-year-old Austin resident Barbara Moore allegedly stole photographs, books, compositions, sound and video recordings, published and unpublished writings, correspondence and doodles from the Canadian Library and Archives Glenn Gould collection in Ottawa while undertaking research there in 1988. The theft also reportedly included personal items such as hats and gloves.

The woman sold one of the items, a piece of notebook paper on which Gould had scribbled notes and signed his name multiple times, to a Manhattan dealer, who posted the item, valued at $4,000-$8,000, for sale on the internet. This aroused the suspicion of a Victoria, British Columbia-based Gould specialist, who alerted Canadian library officials, who in turn contacted the New York Police Department's Cyber Crimes Unit.

Another item offered for sale was a handwritten page that depicted tracks for a composition of sounds in nature including gulls, wind and sea, valued at $5,000- $6,000, according to the AP.

Moore has been charged with third-degree criminal possession of stolen property, fourth-degree grand larceny, and third degree attempted grand larceny. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted on the stolen property charge.

The legendary Canadian pianist, famed for his Bach recordings, died in 1982.

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