Women Artists Collective Explores Post-9/11 New York at Downtown Theatre La Mama

News   Women Artists Collective Explores Post-9/11 New York at Downtown Theatre La Mama
Based on a poetry series by writer, director and performer Andrea Assaf, downtown theatre La Mama stages Eleven Reflections on September, a spoken word, dance and multimedia performance that spans the fall of the Twin Towers, the wars in the Middle East and the possibility of reconstructing hope.

Performances are currently running at La Mama's first floor theatre through May 17.

Eleven Reflections on September is performed by a diverse collective of women artists from all over the world including Iran, Turkey, India, Lebanon, the U.S. and more. Written and directed by Assaf, the show features dance artist Donna Mejia and vocalist/Daf player Aida Shahghasemi.

Alongside the performances at La Mama, the project features an interactive installation at Hi-ARTS Gallery in East Harlem. Associated events also include lectures, a dance party and a showcase at the Apollo Theater Soundstage as part of the Women of the World Festival.

"In September 2001, I lived in Manhattan. In addition to mourning with the city, my experience of identity as an Arab American dramatically shifted, overnight," said Andrea Assaf in a press statement. "Through collaboration with these extraordinary artists, the project has evolved into an embodied manifesto on the devastation and empowerment of women in the face of war. We offer this not only as a reflection, but also as an invitation. Art helps us have a dialogue based in shared experience, so that we can arrive at new understandings together."

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit lamama.org or phone (646) 430-5374. La Mama is located at 74 East 4th St.

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